Monday, April 27, 2009

A picture is worth 1000 words

This picture of my new "ort" jar for the Totally Useless SAL, which began a new cycle this Saturday. I could lie and tell you that I'm stitching with invisible thread, then make you a pretty dress with it and make you wear it in a parade. But that would be mean.

Thanks to everyone for all of your help with my red silk problem. This was my first big project with silk, and I've learned a couple valuable lessons.

I'm going to start making U-turns on the back from here on in when I finish the threads. I had started going through a couple of threads, then kind of looping twice around one thread and going through a couple more, but doing the u-turn thing makes more sense.

Also, just to be clear, these aren't hand-dyed silks. It's just Au Ver a Soie (soie d'alger) 7-ply silk, #4624, that I purchased back in August 2006. SO - the comment from Yoyo could be dead on - that maybe humidity got to the bag. After all, I bought it in 2006 and we didn't have air conditioning till 2008, so it's entirely possible that some moisture crept into that little bag.

Sadly, the shop that ordered the thread for me has gone out of business in the past year. I used to shop locally at The Needle Nook in Ligonier PA, and I know they would have helped me with this. They were such wonderful resources and nice people.

Well, I don't mean to kvetch too much over this. It would probably be a big help if I would just stitch a little faster! Or maybe a lot faster.


  1. So cute, invisible thread! :)
    This is such a neat SAL to be a part of.

  2. Love the invisible thread!!! LOL, that is great! Love the jar that you have selected, it will look great when it starts filling up!

  3. Dang it, Lee! Did you have to set me to thinking about the Totally Useless SAL so seriously? Sheesh. I'm so bad about keeping track of my bits.... comes from mostly stitching next to a trash can. lol

    I hope the new tie off method works on your silks because that piece of yours is beautiful!!!

  4. Look at that pretty ort jar! Is there any way you can fill me in on what the u-turn thing is? I'm a new stitcher and I haven't heard of this!

  5. Such sparkly thread....LOL. Next month you will probably have it full.

  6. Glad you have some ideas about your red silk floss, that piece is so pretty and you have done so much already. What a very pretty jar for your orts. Almost a shame to put anything in it. Almost.

  7. What a cute little ort jar!! I need to do something like that; so far I just scoop the threads up at the end of the evening and let them go outside when I'm letting The Fluffinator out for his last bathroom break of the night.

    If it's AVAS, I would definitely try just blotting the excess dye out of it. Let us know how you get on!

  8. Nice little ort jar full of invisible thread ends. It's a pity that you haven't shown us the piece you are stitching with these invisible threads yet, lol.
    I hope the new anchoring method works with your silk thread.

  9. At least with invisible threads you can tell you stitch at lot !!! lol

    Hope your red silk won't bleed because your project is stunning ;-)

  10. Wishing you happy - ort~ting again..LOL.

    Sorry about the red bleeds. Hoped you have sort it out.