Thursday, April 02, 2009


Don't you hate it when you realize that you're totally insane?

I've discovered that when I'm worried about either of my children, I don't panic, but instead I become totally obsessed with whatever is going on. And the internet feeds my obsession, because I spend enormous amounts of time online, going from website to website, trying to discern what's crap and what's factual.

I get myself in such a tizzy. I didn't get dressed till almost 3PM on Monday. That's a LONG time to sit around in your pajamas. I hardly eat, let alone cook. My poor family has had to deal with meals of leftover pizza and cold sandwiches this week. We've been out of milk constantly, and yesterday I even ran out of coffee. That never happens in my house.

Seriously. It's like I-Just-Can't-Let-Go. I worry about stuff long after my kids have stopped worrying about it.

So today, I feel like I'm finally coming out of the woods. I have some very smart and very generous bloggy friends, who listened to me kvetch and whine for well over a week and have given me wonderful advice and shoulders to cry on. You girls know who you are, and I won't say who you are here because then a million other parents of college-bound kids may start emailing you, and let's face it, I'm selfish. I'm keeping you to myself.

And I promise you all - I won't be blabbering on about colleges any more until it's all said and done and the deposit check has been mailed.

WELL, as for stitching, I took out Tree of Life last week. Here it is after I pressed it again:
After I pressed it, I decided to put it on scroll bars, and I accomplished that, but I don't think I've put more than 100 stitches into it over the past week. Really, there was no point to taking another picture.

John had a track meet very close to here at California University, so Colleen and I went to watch him run. This time he ran the 10K event. Yes. 10K on a track. That's 25 laps. This was taken in the early part of the 10K. He didn't look like this at the end....

Now I'm off to work. Maybe even some stitching later? That would be nice.


  1. OMG, I just wrote to you and apologized for being in my pajamas at 10AM. Now I find out you stayed in jammies until 3. (I was still in at 1:00 yesterday--I've got to find ways of getting out of the house earlier!) Tree of life is coming along beautifully!

  2. I regularly stay in my pyjamas until mid-morning - one of the perks of working from home ;) Plus, I'm naturally lazy...

  3. Don't worry : we mothers are all the same -except I cannot go to the office in pyjamas, but I tell you, my mind remains in its nightshirt when some worry about my children gnaws at me !
    Your daughter will be fine (echo : my son will be fine...) We keep planning, but so much unexpected can happen- for the better !

  4. I hope your daughter will go to a school of her choice ;-) It's so sad in the US everything is SO expensive ...

  5. Staying in the pajamas is one of the delights of a free day for me.
    Your Tree of Life looks gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing progress pictures.
    I hope everything with Coleen's college will be sorted out soon to all your satisfaction.

  6. Its good to be mental :) Or that's what I tell myself! LOL!

    Your picture of your son running reminds me of my brother...he ran track and cross country. I can remember when I was in college he was still in High School and of course semester would be over and I'd be home and he'd be practicing and running around our lake, my Mom and I would stand on the back porch and yell day he was grouchy and he ran up and said, "You fat A$$es ought'a try to get out here and do this!" LOL! I tease him to this day about that...LOL!

  7. My twins are into their first track season and have decided they much prefer xc. Running around a track bores them to tears. They're keeping on with it tho.

    Sending you sympathetic college-tuition-blues hugs. We've been pretty lucky so far with our oldest three and their college choices, but the next three could be different. I'm foreseeing three boys in college at the same time for at least a year or two. Ugh.

  8. Hello again,

    Your Tree of Life is BEAUTIFUL!
    Happy stitching & greetings,