Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Weepies

No - not the folk/pop duo. Just me, sitting around getting teary-eyed all day.

Today is Senior day for high school track, and it's going to be a struggle to walk down that 50 yard line without sniffling like a baby.

Won't the photos be lovely if I'm all red-nosed and squinty-eyed?

Once again, I don't have anything to show you. But I came across this through another blog, and if some of you were Girl Scouts, you may remember some of these. I think it's kind of funny. I hated needlework (and particularly sewing) when I was a kid, so these were my least favorite badges to earn. I liked outdoor cooking and hiking much more...


  1. OK, then let these pictures come, lol.
    Oh, I hated needlework at school, can't tell you how much. My grandma always finished the projects we had to do. And once I was out of school I started doing all sorts of needlework for good. Strange, isn't it?

  2. I was the same way, hated it in school and a love for it grew as I grow! Pictures!!!!

  3. Enjoy Senior Day, even if you weep.

    I have the 1960's "Be Prepared" Sampler kit. Not even started. It must have been my mother's. I've had thoughts of putting it up on eBay, but maybe I'll try to find somewhere to donate it.

  4. Thank you for the link. Glad to know you had a wonder easter.

  5. Hope all went well on Thursday. I know I'll be sniffling up in State College in a few weeks. At least he's not getting married yet. ; )
    The Girl Scout link was cute. I didn't fare too well as a Girl Scout-very shy.