Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I'm SO surprised that I managed to almost fill this little jelly jar this month! To be fair, I'm not a squisher. I just drop them in and let them lay. Even orts need air to breathe.

There's some red from Tree of Life, there's lots of green silk from Quaker Alphabet, and lots of tan from the BBD exchange project.

I'll probably have no time for stitching today or tonight. Boatloads of pharmacy bills have just been dropped on my desk and they all needed to be paid yesterday.

And the annual high school awards ceremony is tonight. This will be the night that Colleen finds out if she's been chosen for any of the eleventy thousand local scholarships that she applied for through the year. She's already been notified of a couple awards, but the bulk of them will be announced tonight.

I think that there should be a scholarship for Prettiest Girl in a Purple Dress Worn to Prom, but that's just me.

Anyways, tonight I'll struggle to just be quiet and wish her luck and keep all of my jangling nerves to myself. As if that's possible.


  1. Best of luck to your daughter tonight! I love your BBD wip--looks great!

  2. Fingers crossed for Colleen.

  3. Good luck to your DD!

    Look at those orts! The do need air :)

  4. Just don't scream. When I was in that position, my mother screamed when I won an $800 scholarship. You would have thought it was an academy award. Good luck to you both!

  5. Hey! Forget my question. I'm still going to apply, but next go around. The stress isn't worth it this go around.
    Best of luck with all those bills and good luck to Colleen this evening.

  6. I keep my fingers crossed for your daughter !!! Hope she gets a lot of scholarships !!!

    Word verifications: ricas = rich in spanish (hope it's a sign ;-) )

  7. This ort posting (TUSAL) is a riot, love seeing them. Good Luck to your daughter. CJ ok;-)

  8. I hope Colleen was lucky and got a schoalrship. And I hope it was a wonderful evening for you all.

  9. Oooooh, I hope that Colleen is able to walk away tonight with some great scholoships and things and I agree that Prettiest Girl in a Purple Dress Worn to Prom would be great!