Friday, May 08, 2009

One-way blogging

I feel very, very guilty.

Over the past few months, I've been a complete one-way blogger. I throw all of my stuff out here - all of my issues, complaints, aggravations, and even triumphs, and then never follow up on anything. You all have been so generous with your comments and suggestions, and I've been all "take, take, take". Even worse, I haven't been a very good commenter on any of your blogs, so there hasn't been much "give, give, give" on my part.

Let me tell you, those sorts of people bug the heck out of me, so now I find that I'm bugging the heck out of myself.

Looks like it's time for a Mid-Year Resolution. More commenting, less whining.

Now that that's out of my system, I wanted to follow up on a couple of things I had been talking about earlier.

First up: Tree of Life and the AVS Silk.
I took a length of that red silk and rinsed it in water, blotting it dry with a white paper towel and it didn't bleed at all. Not the tiniest bit. So I have no idea why the white floss tag in the package was stained red. Whatever - I'm not worried about the red rubbing off or bleeding onto dry fabric anymore. Looks like I made a mountain out of a molehill there.

Also, I've started U-turning my threads when I anchor them. They seem to be holding ok now, and I'll go back and pick out the areas that are coming loose. Shouldn't be too much work. Live and learn, right?

What? You want to see a picture? Well, I've tried to do my best with this, but the weather has been crappy here for days on end, and natural light has been a rare commodity.Last weekend I finished the small alphabet in the middle, the short border to the left of the "Y", and those couple of small motifs on the left.

Then I needed a break, and I know I should be working on an exchange or two, but I lovity, love, love this Quaker Alphabet by La-D-Da. Working on this is super relaxing, and it's just what I need right now. Life is so very hectic and will get even crazier between now and mid-June, so I've been hibernating in my bedroom at night and really zeroing in on this project. It's been great therapy.

Now I have to run about a hundred errands, even though my stitching is calling. Loudly! Ah well. We're all in the same boat, aren't we?


  1. Very pretty stitching progress! So glad you don't have to worry about that thread bleeding :)

  2. I love your WIP's I have this La-D-Da in my list of to do deciding what floss to use is the hardest part :)

    Take Care and enjoy life

  3. Thank you so much for telling about the u-turn technique! I'm going to give silk a try soon and will use this technique to secure me threads. Your WIPs are beautiful!

  4. Your La-D-Da Quaker is gorgeous!!

  5. Great progress on your WIP.

  6. Just found your blog. Great progress on Tree of Life and the Quaker Alphabet by La-D-Da. Love the blue color on the Quaker Alphabet.

  7. Blogging if for taking too.
    Because if you never take, you deprive people of giving !
    Which means that by taking, you actually give !
    Alright, I'll stop :-) !!!

  8. Blogs are your place, to say what you want and share what you want. Don't forget that. :)
    Great progress on your stitching.

  9. Such pretty stitching. And I'm glad you have the bleeding under control, colour bleeding that is!

  10. I'm glad that the bleeding on the tag was a fluke! :) Both of your WIPs are SOOOOOO freakin' pretty! I'm glad that the stitching is helping you to calm down a bit. It does the same for me. Have a good weekend!

  11. I like your Quaker Alphabet so much, Lee - the color scheme sets it apart.

    As for blog reading, just do what you can when you can. :)

  12. Your stitching is looking beautiful!!! Wonderful WIP's!
    Hey, you visit me when you can! Don't worry about it!

  13. I really really like your colour changes for Quaker alphabet. I started mine a few months ago and put it aside because I just wasn't loving it. I am now thinking of restarting this. Do you mind telling me what floss you used? Thanks so much!

  14. Hi Lee!
    Glad the thread isn't bleeding. I'm having a problem with a thread that is bleeding. I'll post about it eventually to see if others are having that trouble.
    I love the Quaker piece too. The fabric color, oh so lovely! The thread color, a perfect match.
    Good progress on both pieces.

  15. Great progress!!!

    We can't comment all the time : life always come in the way ...

  16. great progress. I don't always comment on others blogs either. I do get to read them but not always comment.

  17. Stitching and blogging about stitching (among other things) is still cheaper than therapy!

    Love those WIPs.

  18. I feel like that sometimes but it's down to time and it's getting harder to leave comments as there are so many wonderful blogs out there. My blog list gets longer every day. Anyway, love your wips. ;-) xx

  19. I know how you feel. At times I fall into that category too, don't feel sorry and get too stressed out on the comment thing.

    Both WIP looks great.

  20. Just found your place and I love it here!! Beautiful stitching!!
    I also Love, Love, Love the La-D-Da Sampler and it's colors:)

  21. Love your pieces! I'm really attracted to samplers lately-like I can't put down the herb bouquet one I am working on. I think my need to finish a project before I start something new stems from when I did more charity related stitching. I need to do that again too-especially for the kiddos.
    Maybe the tag for the floss got dripped on and the dyers were frugal and didn't want to toss them. You just never know!

  22. Wow! Love your's beautiful! Lovely work.

  23. I go through that sometimes myself!!! ((((hugs)))) Sometimes we just need to hibernate! Lovely stitching!!!