Friday, May 22, 2009

Tantalizingly close

I am SO close to finishing this!

But I'm so crazy-busy right now. I run, work, run all day and then stare at TV for a little while at night and then I'm zonked and asleep. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to Memorial Day this Monday. The extra holiday Monday always gets me relaxed and rejuvenated.

And while I'd like to finish the Q. Alphabet, I'm going to need to spend Monday working on this for a BBD exchange that's due on....June 1!
It's "My Gift to You", and I love the colors, but I'm just a teensy bit anxious about finishing it on time. It needs to be completely finished, and I haven't figured that part out yet. Nothing like waiting till the last minute...

Well, our household will be buzzing for the next couple weeks. We've been going to lots of banquets, what with the school year winding down for Colleen and all of the end of the year awards and things. It can make for a long night, but at least I don't have to cook!

Thank you everybody for all of the sweet things you wrote about her prom pictures and for understanding my weepiness. I don't know what it was about last Friday and Saturday....It was as if I had turned a corner and understood for the first time that it was time for her to leave home. Isn't that crazy?? You prepare and plan and coach your kids through their lives to make this shift, and then it begins to happen and you want to pull back on the reins and shout STOP! I'M not ready!

Sigh...Why can't the world revolve around me?

As for the other O'Neil youngster, John leaves us on June 1. His time here at home has flown by, and we'll miss him, but I know how much he's looking forward to this experience. Did I mention that Dave and I are hoping to go visit him later in June? We've never been to California, either, so it's going to be an exciting trip for us. Definitely different...

Well, I'm going to take advantage of this cool and lovely morning and head out for a walk and maybe a run. Have a great day everybody!


  1. You know how old I am, and my mother still doesn't want my sister and I to leave after we visit!

    Have you told us what John does in California?

    Looking forward to seeing a finish or two!

  2. Mine are 3 years and 3 months and I already can't believe how much they're changing and growing! It's not fair! I hope you get to slow down soon!

  3. My DH and I do not have any kids yet but I can only imagine what you are going through My mom was a very emmotional person when it came time for us kids to leave the house. Fourtunaly my middle brother never went far.

    Your wip's are looking good. Love Q it is on my list next.

    Not to be nosey,but where in California will you be. I live 30 miles South of San Fransico.

    Have a great three day break!

  4. You are very close indeed!!! That is such a gorgeous piece. Both of your WIP's look great!

  5. You'll find time for both eventually, it's only the beginning of summer and a long weekend to boot. CJ ok;-)

  6. Quaker Alphabet looks terrific - and maybe you'll be able to finis it this weekend.
    I loved looking at the prom pictures of Colleen. And I remember that I felt a bit the same way when my kids left home in order to live on their own. It's such a strange moment to know that they won't be around every day. But I loved to have a lot more time to myself.
    Enjoy your long weekend.

  7. Beautiful stitching!

    You're such a good mother....good person:) Your children have learned wonderful things from you:)

  8. Love, love, love the Quaker Alphabet. As for your kids leaving home, it's a part of life, I've not got any of my own, but I know this move to Portugal last year was really rough on my mum. It was the first time both my sister and I weren't living at home. I was still living with my parents in Holland and loving it. But I also like my freedom living on my own.
    Good luck and don't worry, they'll come visit.
    BTW my mum loved the chestnut stuffing recipe you so kindly provided last year, and she's still using it (we froze the left over chestnuts).

  9. Hi Lee, I hope your Monday turned out just as you hoped and you found plenty of time to work on your BBD piece.

  10. Your Quaker Alphabet is looking so lovely! Love your BBD start too.

    As for kids leaving home my eldest DD will be ( depending on exam results) will be leaving home in September to go to uni and I don't feel ready either:( but I know it's something she wants to do to get a career she wants and will enjoy. It's going to be tough on all of us. {{{{hugs}}}}

  11. Your QA looks soooo pretty--I know we'll be happy dancing soon! Love the start on the BBD, too. Good luck getting it finished. I don't do well with deadlines and then wait till the last minute--not fun.

    And yes, it is crazy that you do your best, raising your kids to leave you in the end! But it's a nice payback when they turn out to be such nice, well rounded young adults. Hang in there!

  12. Your Quaker Alphabet is gorgeous, and I know the Blackbird Designs piece will be as well. I hope the holiday weekend left you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

    Your daughter's picture is beautiful!