Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You've gotta be kidding me

I don't have much to write about today. I've been working on a motif on Quaker Alphabet and yikes, it's taking me a long time. How can something that appears to be so simple take so long? So no stitching photos will be here today.

But I came across this ridiculous bit of info on a blog by Chloe Findlay-Harder. If I have it right - she's the author of Tangled Thread, which is a treasure trove of craft and needleart tips.

So anyway, she was fashion surfing and found this little brooch.

So we're all thinking, Awwww. Cuteness! What a great crafty-gifty project for the Brownies or Girl Guides or any school aged kid. Only that she found that this "brooch" was for sale. For $188.00. Yes girls, it's actually part of a designer's spring collection.

From the website:
With its lines Moschino, Moschino Cheap and Chic and Moschino Jeans, the brand is a perfect example of a creative spirit that manages to blend irony and open-mindedness.

Riiiiight. Irony and open-mindedness. That's worth...what? The $187 mark-up? I'd get all indignant and fussy, but it's just too funny.

So, last week I ordered and received Colleen's graduation announcements! We tried to capture her "story" as much as possible, and I think we succeeded. She likes them, and that's all that matters to me. (By the way, I adore our photographer. Besides doing both of my kids' senior pictures, he helped me put together announcements for them. After 15 years of school and sport photos, you get a feel for those who are just in it for a quick buck, and those who love what they do, and Torrey Witt obviously loves what he does.)


  1. Fortunately the days of people spending an arm and a leg on something that's just a big designer label on an article no better quality and no better looking than what you could pick up at Target are mostly over! Beautiful announcements!

  2. Love Colleen's graduation announcements!

  3. Waoooo - it's all about the "thinking and daring first" - too late now to get into the kindergarten brooch fashion market !
    In France, kids graduate very quietly. They take their exams end June, and receive their results by post around mid-July, when they are on holidays... They don't know whether their school friends have passed or not. No celebration of any kind. No announcement. Ands sports are not promoted at all. A very different approach - thank you for sharing. Colleen will keep and cherish this announcement.

  4. Wow, I can't even believe that designer piece. How crazy.

    What a lovely collage for Colleen!

  5. $188 is just crazy!!!! Love the graduation annoucments! They look amazing and bet they look truly amazing in person!

  6. Love, love, LOVE the graduation announcements! Not only is it something really cool to send out, but it's a great keepsake for Colleen as well.

  7. Honestly! $188 for that?!!

    Love your daughter's graduation announcements! Beautiful pics and the photographer did an awesome job!