Thursday, July 09, 2009

Either you're just being polite -

- Or you really mean it.

I remember when my parents went to Ireland years ago, and Dad took hundreds of photos that he had processed as color slides. On a rainy afternoon, they LOVED saying, "Hey, let's look at the Ireland pictures!", and they'd bring out the slide projector and screen and we'd all groan inwardly but sit through it anyway. And hope to catch a nap until it was over.

So that's the experience that I think of as I'm showing you all of my vacation pictures on this blog, and it really surprises me to read that some of you are enjoying my ramblings. Surprised, but glad, too! Well, I only have a couple more days to write about, then I'll get back to writing about my normal, day to day stuff. Wait - that's kind of boring, too. You readers just can't win, I'm afraid.

Now back to vacation. We had decided that Friday we'd go to Fisherman's Wharf. Instead of driving in, we went to a Park and Ride place and took BART into town. (Bay Area Rapid Transit), then rode one of the historic streetcars to Fisherman's Wharf. As it turns out, this one had been in service in Philly before it was sent to San Francisco. I used to ride streetcars a lot as a kid, mostly with my grandmothers and I had to wonder what the chances were that I had ridden this one back in ancient history.

Here's my take on FW: It was like a lot like the Wildwood NJ boardwalk, only bigger. And more expensive, yet for some reason you still buy stuff. (For instance, why did I pay $4 for this cupcake?)There were some interesting street performers, including one guy whose gig was to hide himself behind some leafy branches and then lean over and scare people and afterward ask them for money. I know, I know, it sounds lame, but it was hilarious and we watched him for the better part of an hour. And there was this fellow:We don't know what he was, but Colleen was hypnotized by the glitteriness.
And of course, there are bars and places to eat. Dave and I needed a break so we went into a blues bar, where a very drunk woman offered to take our picture. What do you do when a drunk woman offers to take your picture? Smile and hold up your beer.

Turns out that she also wanted us to take pictures of her and her boyfriend while they were dancing, and she kind of liked erotic dancing and it was totally weird. At one point, she actually went to her knees and bit/licked his crotch.

Ahhh. Vacation memories. Luckily, Colleen had left us for a while so she could do some souvenir shopping.

Shopping-wise, this was the only place that made us ooooh and ahhhhh - an adorable tea shoppe in Ghiradelli Square, The Crown and Crumpet (not my photo - this is from their website)
But at the end of the day, Fisherman's Wharf isn't worth the effort. Especially since the ride home was like this:

Oh - two sights that we really enjoyed that day were up the hill quite a bit. We loved Lombard Street (the worlds most crooked street) and the other street - the world's steepest street.

Tomorrow I'll show you the last of the vacation pictures. Colleen and I left Dave behind in Pacifica and spent one more day in San Francisco. (Where I found the Giant Wall of Silk)


  1. I love seeing your pictures! It reminds me of the road trip we took last summer with our 12 and 14yr old .Drove to SF in 3 days from Ontario Canada , spent 5 days in SF and then onto LA for 4 days . We then drove to Vegas and on the way blew 2 tires in our van!! scary!! but we were all safe and just set back 3 hrs for repair. We didn't get to see much of Vegas but saw the Grand Canyon for a few hrs. Wonderful trip but a lot of driving . Nice to see a different perspective of SF and all the places you went to . Wonderful stitching too.
    your friend at seasonal stitches , Jennifer

  2. C'mon, you are not showing that many pictures, only essential ones and your report is very pleasant to read. I remember endless slideshows at my grandparents' on Sunday afternoons... Flowers and mountain springs, and snowy mountain caps, and flower close-ups, and watersprings again, and blue skies, and cloudy skies... Cable cars are much more fun !

  3. Well i can only speak for myself, but i love looking at your photos!
    In fact i like looking at photos weather they be mine or anyone elses, lol.
    Strange experience you had with the photo of the drunk woman though, lol wonder what she will be thinking when she looks at it sober :-)

  4. Yea, Yea get to the wall of silk. LOL CJ ok;-)

  5. The question is...was the cupcake worth the $4? Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 (did you get a chance for that sight - where the sealions are?) are fun to visit, but we tend to BART in early in the morning so that we can be back home when the crowds hit! My boys love to hit the seafood places and try some of the fresh catches of shrimp and oysters. Looks like you had a great time in the city - I am enjoying the vacation notes from someone else's point of view! I do appreciate you sharing them. Looking forward to the wall of silk for I have never heard of that.
    Lisa in CA

  6. Great pics and I'm really enjoying reading these posts! It's making me want to start planning a vacation!!

    I love to read about people's vacations because depending on what we learn, we may actually want to go there because someone recommended it or really enjoyed the destinations.

    Thanks Lee!!!

  7. The Crown & Crumpet was recently profiled in some magazine (read so many, can't remember which one). Would just love to browse that store but suspect the prices are rather high.
    Enjoying all your vacation pics, especially since we are having a "staycation" this year....Our backyard has a newly made cardboard sign calling it Camp Neverleave!

  8. I get out so rarely that I have to live vicariously through others' vacations :) Did it taste like a $4 cupcake??

  9. Oh no! The Bushman! I hope he didn't get you. He's fun to watch but it's not so fun if you're the one who was scared! Sounds like you had fun. Next time you'll have to hit Musee Mechanic (in back of Pier 47, i think). You can see games from Playland and Laughing Sal too!

  10. It was very exciting for me to follow you on your trip through your pictures. Some of the places you showed remind me of my own trips.

  11. I love to see photos of people vacations and travels! These photos are fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I really enjoy seeing your vacation photos Lee--it gives me ideas of places I would like to see someday. And why don't they have cute little tea shops like the Crown and Crumpet near us??? Keep the photos coming!!