Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Our first day in San Francisco

So...we took a ridiculously early flight from Pittsburgh, but that meant that we got to San Francisco around lunchtime and gave us some time to settle in and start to explore the city a little.

We didn't stay in SF exactly. Our hotel was in Pacifica, and it was pretty darn great to be so close to the city, and have the ocean on our doorstep, too. Did I mention the balcony? It was not exactly what we expected to find, but we had a party out there anyway.Ahhh, the togetherness!Across from the hotel there was a place called Nick's, and it was kind of cool. One of those truly older (as in not retro) places that has held onto a 60's-ish style. As if someone from Mad Men might step in the door at any moment. Coffee was still served in a cup and saucer. Drinks were served in small glassware. Like an 8oz glass with a "wrapper" under it, rather than a giant tumbler of pop. Service was wonderful. And the food was good, although I thought it was rather expensive. All of our meals were expensive, though. I'd have to say that this was our most expensive dining vacation ever.

After lunch and a nap, we headed into San Francisco with minimal maps and no destination in mind. We ended up in at the Golden Gate bridge and spent some wonderful time the Presidio.

Then back to Pacifica for dinner, to a place called Barolo's. The hotel clerk had recommended it as a good place for Italian food. No. No. No. I'll spare you the details, but just remember the name if you're in Pacifica and remember my emphatic NO'S.

Next day - off to Bass Lake and to pick up John!


  1. You are in my neck of the woods! How long are you in SF area? Need to make it to Alameda Island near Oakland to Needle in a Haystack - great shop!
    Enjoy the coast, this is a great place!
    Lisa in CA

  2. SF is pretty expensive, but England (the whole country) and Bermuda are out-effing-rageous. Still, you only live once. I love the balcony shots!

  3. That is an impressive balcony there!

  4. Love the balcony shot, LOL. CJ ok;-)

  5. There's no good local Italian food in DC, either. At least not in my neighborhood.