Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm procrastinating

I'm supposed to be working on our community newsletter. Bah. I'm not feeling very community-like right now, and that's not mood to be in when you're working on what is supposed to be an upbeat and informative communication tool. Mostly I'm feeling aggravated....with neighbor issues. I don't think that telling you the details will dispel my evil mood though, but I'll tell you it centers around their dogs and their junk.

I swear, it's like I live next to a freakin' gypsy camp sometimes.

If I try to write this newsletter now, I'll probably write some scathing and scolding articles about loose dogs and their inconsiderate and sloppy owners.

So I had better procrastinate some more.


  1. Oh dear, we've had our share of bad experiences with neighbours - different scenarios but nonetheless, awful (thankfully all in the past now)! It was wise of you not to write your newsletter while you are not feeling good.

  2. It is a good idea to let your aggravation grow a little colder before you write your newsletter. Maybe though, it would be a good idea to put a little something in there about everyone keeping their yards tidy and their animals restrained. Sometimes people just don't realize how their laziness(or whatever) impacts the community, not just their immediate neighbours. It is a perfectly valid topic for a community newsletter. Maybe if you mentioned that it impacts home values you'd get someone's attention.

  3. Maybe if you package the newletter in a plastic sack or a "mutt mitt" the nasty news will be accepted easier? It is a problem here too in our neighbor hood, and no matter how many times our Homeowners association writes about it in the newsletter, there isn't a morning walk that DH and I have to step around another dog's mess.

  4. Urgh. Thankfully we get along well with our neighbors, but some of them are fighting amongst themselves because some complained about others letting their dogs loose. We have three lab mixes living next to us, and the owners just throw open their doors and let the dogs run. As my other neighbor says, then we have to deal with the leavings from their donkeys. :P It's a shame people can't be more considerate.