Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beach + LNS = Happiness!

You all are undoubtedly sick of listening to me yammer on about crabcakes.

I was happy to find Salty Yarns in "old" Ocean City. I had been reading the owner's blog for a while, (more about her life and less about her shop, but it's her blog, so it's her prerogative) and you know that if I was only a couple of miles away, I'd absolutely be stopping in!

(Before I get started, please know that I asked permission before I took these pictures.)

The shop is pretty amazing. It's much larger than I would have thought - three good sized rooms. I remember visiting shops in Stone Harbor and Avalon and even in Cape May years ago, and they were very small. Like 1/3 the size of this shop. And it's crammed with stuff. Displays that are full to bursting. Two walls of fabric (7 ct. to 40 ct and lots of colors and hand dyeds) and a room of thread. Cottons, silks, overdyeds, synthetics, was an impressive collection of fibers.
Accessories and gadgetry out the wazoo. Loads of finishing supplies, including a wall unit stuffed with tons of frames of every size and shape. And another free standing display also stuffed with frames. And let me tell you...this shop had the latest stuff. She certainly has been paying attention to the pulse of the internet.

She also had a large display of Dimensions kits. A medium sized display of punch needle. Some Vera Bradley. Lots of Pine Mountain kits. And the requisite seashore/nautical/local flavor charts. Here are some of them. There is an impressive set of charts of houses and landmarks in Ocean City...I think 51 charts? I didn't photograph those, though.
The trick however, was finding stuff. When you first walk in, it's this mass of STUFF, and you have to work at it and stick with it to see exactly what's in there. I found myself wishing that I was there with a friend or two, because I think that more people would have unearthed interesting things that I know I missed seeing on my own. There's just no way that I saw all of the neat things in there. And even though I went twice, I completely lost track of time during both visits. Luckily, there were several nice comfy rockers on a shaded porch just outside the shop and Dave could sit and people-watch, so it wasn't terribly bad for him. Did I mention that the shop is right on the boardwalk? Lots of people to see!
So, I came home with the new BBD LF chart - the summer sampler. And two fall themed charts - the latest CEC design with the crows and pumpkins, and another simpler fall chart but the designer is escaping me right now. Fabric and threads for all. And some floss drops shaped like flip flops!

Now that I'm home, I've learned that there are three nice shops in that area! Besides Salty Yarns, there is a shop called The Spinning Wheel in Fenwick Island, and another shop in Bethany Beach called Sea Needles.

I think this calls for another trip...Anyone? Anyone?


  1. I'm in! You can pick me up on the way!

  2. If I wasn't giving birth in 4 weeks, I'd go! Maybe in the spring?

    I've been to Sea Needles - it's right down the street from the townhouse my ILs rent every summer. It's not as large as Salty Yarns, but it is also crammed full of stuff. It can be a little overwhelming. We haven't gone to The Spinning Wheel, but I have heard their stitching selection is smaller than their knitting / crocheting selection.

  3. Oh, I'm so jealous, Lee--I haven't seen the inside of a cross stitch shop in about 10 years! Honestly, I don't know if I would know how to act... Bring your new stash when you visit--looking forward to tomorrow :)

    P.S.Sorry, but I don't think Soergel's carries crabcakes!

  4. Count me in, I'll be right there! :) Congrats on a lovely adventure.

  5. I'm in. Beach + Cross Stitch == Pure Joy.

    There's also a smallish shop in Rehoboth, I think. I was in there many years ago.

    Oh, and The Stitching Post moved it's fall camp from Ocean City to somewhere near Baltimore. Sigh...

  6. Oh, I wanna go! I'll never get tired of hearing about crabcakes. Jealous as hell, yes.

  7. uhmmm...pretty long trip for me but it does sound enticing. Thanks for the pics of Salty Yarns. Her blog is really something :)

  8. Oh, how I wish I could go! But it would be a long trip...I live in Illinois. :)However, my daughter was there this summer with her boyfriend...and she brought me back one of those green tote bags from Salty yarns! I was pleased.:)

  9. oh how i wish i could visit that kind of shop someday...

  10. Wish I could go on that trip for sure!!!

  11. Hi Lee! I don't know any of the bloggers above that commented. I linked to two of them and have added them to my bloglines. I now have 200 blogs in my feeds. Yikes!
    What a great shop! I'm glad Dave didn't mind waiting while you had a look.

  12. I've been in his story several time and it is a treat. I agree stuff can be hard to find. I left you a comment on a newer post about March.