Thursday, September 24, 2009

I got nothin'

That's not exactly true. What I have is one giant mental block when it comes to writing for my blog this week.

I'll blame work drama. There's been an unexpected increase in work load for me. It had nothing at all to do with my particular job. (Which is paying bills, paying taxes, entering sales, balancing accounts and paying employees) That's what I do. In fact, this was totally and completely someone else's job, but no one in any of our drug stores seems to know how to read the freakin' mail and respond to it properly until it becomes a crisis, and now it has landed on my desk. Why my desk? Because it sucks to be so competent.

But that's not why you're here.

Hmm. Stitching? Hmm.

I don't have anything photo worthy. I'm enjoying PS Autumn Leaves right now, but I haven't finished even the center motif yet, so no picture. I'll share my rendition of Bent Creek's Swirlygig once the all of the voting is complete over on Anna's blog. If you haven't seen the variety of interpretations of one chart yet, pop on over and take a look.

That's it. I'm out. I hope I'm more pithy tomorrow.


  1. Hi Lee! I'm sorry work is getting you down. Deal with it and take another vacation! ;-)
    I don't have any stitching to show too. I have one in the works (well, there are all those wips, but we won't mention those okay!) and three I want to get started. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. hey Lee - don't let your work wear you down. It's only a job and it is to make money so that you can buy stitching stuff, subsidize your kids, go on holiday... Believe me, there are days when I chant this mentally... and it works, it truly does !!!
    Senduing you good vibes across the Ocean.

  3. Hey, i can relate to the work thing! Perhaps we both should become blind/deaf/ignor things, then sit back and see what would happen, lol. Second thoughs, that would only create more for us to do in the end!
    I think Vallie's mantra is a good idea :-)

    Hope you have a more stress free week this week x

  4. Oh Lee! I'm so behind on reading blogs and you have some good stuff going on here!
    I would love to go to your stitching retreat...but I think our Texas retreat is around that time. If not dh would think I'd lost my mind if I asked about 2 in one month. I hope you get a great response!
    Lots of beautiful stitching and finishes you've posted too!