Friday, September 11, 2009

Some Finishing

It's a real pain when you're trying to finish something and the nearest fabric store is miles and miles away. (I have a cabinet full of quilting fabric, but I'll be darned if I can find that "just right" color for a particular finish!) Sometimes I know I'm going by a JoAnn's or some place similar and I try to make lists and organize and brainstorm about what I need. I don't always find what I wanted, but usually I can make some headway to reduce this pile of UFO's. Other's hopeless. I stumble upon a store and then walk around inside like a zombie.

Happily, last week Dave and I went to C.O.W. to see Colleen run in her first college cross country meet, and there was a JoAnn's nearby. So I took some stitching that I had been itching to finish, and found some nice things and left the store happy.

When I first got back into stitching - maybe 5 or 6 years ago, I was usually stitching for the kids. As Colleen was packing for college, I had her pick one of the UFO's that she might like to take with her. This was the one she wanted. I wish you could see the opalescent fabric and the glitter cording! It's a Waxing Moon design.

Next is one that you've seen quite often, by BBD. Someone sent it to me as a kit with the chart and threads. No rhyme or reason, just a random act of kindness! How sweet is that? Easy and fun to stitch, and although there are lots of ways to finish this, I decided to go with the simple pincushion.

I hope to have one more finish after the weekend. It's a long autumn design that I stitched at least 4 years ago, perfect for a bell pull, but for some reason I've looked at it every year and then put it away. I'm determined to finish it this year. Seriously. No...really.

Oh...and you all think I'm joking about Ocean City 2010? I'm really not. Some of you know me pretty well, and you know that I've been organizing booster organizations for the hundred years. And suddenly I find that I'm unwanted at the high school these days. ('s NOT creepy that I still want to hang out around the school even though my kids are gone)

Anyway, I must be experiencing Booster Withdrawal, because I find myself thinking that organizing some stitchers for an early Spring beach retreat could be fun. (Crabcake-eating will be optional. We'll have peanut butter for you non-crab eaters).

So I'm truly thinking about it. It could be a blast, whether there are two of us or twenty of us. So IF I do this, I'll probably have more info after the first of the year, when I know more about my kids' Spring breaks and have the dates of Dave's golf trip.

In the meantime, you think about it, and I'll think about it....


  1. Beautiful finishes, Lee! Well done...nice fabrics too!

  2. Ocean City trip would definitely be something to look forward to!

    Love the finishes! You did a great job on both!

  3. Your finishes look fantastic! I know how you feel about the fabric store being miles and miles away. I don't even have a store near me that sales floss! It is horrible!

  4. Both perfectly finished and i so especially love the blue one.

  5. Beautiful finishes! I'm impressed with your finishing prowess.

  6. It was so nice to see these finishes in person, Lee. Just lovely work!

  7. I think a trip to Ocean city would be fun! I'll keep watching this space. My youngest just started High School, so I know I will be busy for a few more years.

  8. Woo Hoo! Congrats on the finishes! I found several posts this evening on other blogs that have given me some great finishing ideas. I'm so glad there are blogs out there to show us ways we've not considered.
    I love both of your finishes. I'm nearly done with Needles and Pins, but haven't been stitching lately.
    I'd love to come out east to stitch, but I doubt I can. I hope you'll take a LOT of pictures to share with us and I'm looking forward to hearing about the retreat in November.

  9. Wonderful finishes! I love the moon and back one!

  10. Oh wow, I haven't been to OC, MD since college. I used to love it down there! I might be up for a trip. :)