Monday, September 14, 2009

Something ELSE you should never write in a your blog

Why do I always learn these lessons the hard way??

Yesterday I wrote that I was going to finish a Winter bellpull. I had learned my lessons (again) with the fall bellpull, and I was going to have a nice, shiny, perfectly-cornered bellpull to show you today.

Yes...I wrote this in my blog. Committed it to the screen, and hit "Publish Post".

Except that the winter sampler has disappeared. Evidently it saw my fall bellpull finish and got scared and grew a set of legs and walked away.

Or else it got tired of listening to my crazy, screaming, banging and otherwise completely nuts neighbors, who were in rare form all weekend, and decided to move to a house down the road a bit more. (Did I mention that my neighbors are completely annoying?)

I hunted for it all day yesterday and I'll be dog-gone if I can find it. Sheesh.


  1. What kind of neighbours do you have ? It sounds awful.
    Don't worry, you will find the winter bellpull. When you are not looking for it. ;-)

  2. Gee, Lee, remind me to ask you about your neighbors next time we meet! I have a few stories of my own... I know the frustration of knowing something is around but being unable to find it--good luck!

  3. Man, that is frustrating. The lost bellpull and the noisy neighbors! I've been know to let loose a little steam on occasion...hope my neighbors haven't heard me!

  4. Oh, I do hope that you find it! I am sure that it will turn up.

  5. Oh God am I glad someone else has this problem! Its nice to have company!
    I hope you find it soon!
    Did you get a JCS Ornament issue? What do you think?
    The security word I have to type below is 'heout' Maybe he is out side, did you check outside for the winter bell pull??? :-)

  6. I hate that - why do things grow legs??
    It will turn up in the first place you looked most likely!

  7. Laughing.

    I had the same darn thing happen to me this summer. Only I never thought my project had run away in fear. But now that you mention it...

    P.S. I have found my piece, but the inspiration to do the finishing disappeared.

  8. Oh man, I HATE when that happens! I have at least one WIP project that has been swallowed up somewhere in my mess of a house. My stash is actually rather organized, so I only have one place left to look and I think I've looked there before... I lost it more than a year ago. I hope yours comes back to you!