Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thank you, thank you!

I appreciated everyone's advice to fix my messy bellpull corners. This morning I flipped the bellpull inside out again and really examined my work.

First of all, I had left pretty generous seam allowances. Like near to 3/4", so I trimmed those back to a scant 1/2". The linen I used was quite stiff, and between that stiffness and the extra fabric in the seam allowance, my corners were doomed from the start.

As lots of you mentioned, I had trimmed the corners on the diagnonal, but I trimmed them even closer.

Then I turned it to right side out again, used my smaller knitting needle to push the corners a bit, and now they're still a little "dull", but worlds better than they were before.

I tried pulling the corners from the front with a thick needle, but either I'm a spaz or a chicken, because I just couldn't see any different results. I think that's a skill that I need to see in person.

NOW...I have a winter bellpull to finish and even though my house has turned into one giant dust bunny (trust me...that's not as cute as it sounds), I think I'm going to strike while the iron is hot and finish it.

And now I'm going to head off to the sewing machine, where I must repeat in my head:
Right sides together.....Right sides together.....Right sides together


  1. Glad you managed to neaten your bottom, lol
    Look forward to seeing your winter bell pull finish :-)

  2. Dust bunnies are okay until they start talking to you or you to them, then you've got trouble!
    I wanted to add, forget the year, just appreciate the finish! I hope you've had sucess with the winter bell pull. Looking forward to seeing it!

  3. I have only finished one bellpull. The edge was hemstitched, because that's what the instructions called for on that one. If I ever do another one, I think that I would do it that way again...rather than putting a backing fabric on it. It is less bulky, so maybe you could try that?

  4. I suspect the extra stiff linen is the culprit. It's really hard to work with when finishing. I'm glad to hear that you've managed to get a better result this time. I had to laugh at your sewing mantra. I made a little pincushion a few years ago where I put it together inside out. Doh!