Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This has suddenly occurred to me!

I like to read lots of styles of stitching blogs, and I always enjoy reading about bloggers' kids and even about their pets.

I've just realized that I have UFO's that are older than most of your children. Heck - I have UFO's that are older than MY children! And unless you have one of those crazy exotic birds or maybe a chimpanzee or and elephant, my UFO's are older than all of your pets. Oops. I forgot horses.

Mind you, I'm just commenting about this. It doesn't upset me at all. I refuse to get all self-judging about it.

So if you want to know how old my oldest UFO is, I'll tell you that it's older than a bison, but younger than a hippopotamus.


  1. 25years old? Why don't you show pictures of it and its story? Why you chose it at the time and so on ... Do you still like it? Have you tastes changed?

  2. Thank you for a chuckle- and a look in the virtual mirror!

  3. Well, you saw my ancient UFO so you know you're not alone! The sad thing is that my tastes have changed so even if I were to finish it, it would still sit in a dark drawer somewhere...

  4. Oh, dear. My oldest UFO is from the 70's! Maybe I'll drag it out and take a pic or two. Scary old, huh?

  5. I'm 26. Do you have any older than me? :)