Sunday, October 25, 2009

And you thought only athletes needed to train!

So, as of my last post, I was complaining about preparing to dive head first into my cruddy house. On Friday and even on part of Saturday morning I was working my fingers and various other body parts to the bone, so by lunchtime on Saturday my house looked and felt pretty good. Not perfect, but why tempt the Gods?

And it was a good thing, too, because in less than two weeks it'll be time for Camp Gotta Stitch in nearby Charm, Ohio and I was seriously lacking in my Stitch Butt Training. I suppose I was feeling too guilty to train, what with the house being so gross and all, but by Friday, I was ready to train guilt-free.

I think I'm in pretty good shape now. Here are the things I've been practicing:

1. Not jumping up to answer the phone every time it rings. I've been working on my "What....aren't YOU going to get that?" look. I call it my Game Face.

2. Of course, there IS the need for some kind of aerobic workout, and dashing up the stairs to hide after the neighbor kids ring your doorbell to sell you pizzas/candy/stationary/gift wrap is a very effective way to make you run and raise your heart rate. Phew. Once they're gone, you can settle back into that stitching chair, blissfully still uninterrupted.

3. And just like any professional athlete, you must arrange all of your equipment so that you are prepared for any situation, and you must make sure that all of your new equipment is properly broken in. Side tables, lamps, new scissors, new magnet boards, new needle minder...they've all had a good workout this weekend and will be organized and ready for camp.

4. And now ala Jeff Reed, I think I'll go out and get plastered with friends who like to pee on things in public and then get myself arrested. (What a moron) Or maybe I'll just have a cup of tea.

And while we're on the subject of football, does anyone else feel the urge to throw things at this Fox graphic and knock it down and then step on it with heavy shoes?

Stiching pictures tomorrow!


  1. preperation is the key. CJ ok;-)

  2. Great post! We don't get too many people trying to switch our religious preferences and sell us 10 lb bars of chocolate because of a little sign I have displayed on the screen door-no salespeople or solicitors.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment about Sean. : )

  3. Oh Lee, you cracked me up with the hiding from kids selling high-priced junk comment--I know just what you mean!!! And yet, my boys did it for school, for Scouts, for wonder the neighbors avoid me :)

    And I totally agree with you on Jeff Reed--why can an athlete "do no wrong"?!

    Hope you continue to have a good "training" week!

  4. I have hated those Fox half football/half American Gladiator graphics for years! I wish they would retire them for some new graphics. At least most of the AFC North games are on CBS instead of FOX.

  5. I like your training methods. But somehow even without all the training, I still feel like I am at the top of my game. ;)

    Hate hate hate! those stupid Fox graphics. Really, ask the dude how worked up I get. (Okay there was that time that Al Michaels praised Tomlin for going to his kids' parent teacher meetings: "Of course, it's easy to tell the wife to go do that." I know you heard it, and I hope you cried blood like I did. If those graphics had appeared, I wouldn't have noticed a bit.)

  6. Too funny! I was looking at those graphics just this past weekend, thinking, "Are those some sort of Transformers/football guys? And why are they still using such old movie tie-ins??"
    I like your training methods by the way!

  7. My DH despises that Fox Graphic with a passion. I never knew a graphic could cause such rage in a grown man. LOL

  8. The Fox graphic is too stupid for words. Certainly, men designed it and they probably don't even notice it as they watch. I see it down there in the corners of the screen and it makes me nuts.

    My new hate is Monday Night Football on ESPN. That one guy (I refuse to learn his name) is a boob whose low IQ could compete with my idiot principal's.

    Aren't you glad I stopped in?