Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The bag dump

It's always fun to play along with a Stitchy Meme from our own Stitch Bitch.  So simple....dump out your stitching bag and show everyone what's in it!

But I need to preface my photo a bit.  I gave up on bags long ago.  It seemed like the moment I put something into a bag, it disappeared (sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally) forever.  Then, a couple of years ago while I was packing the son away for Freshman year at college, I discovered the joys of plastic totes

I wish I could take every untidy aspect of my life and put it into a nice, clean, clear plastic box with a lid on it.  I could use an extra large tote and label it: My Food and Weight Issues.  And I'd have them in every size, all the way down to the smallest little box for my Inability to Commit to Daily Flossing.

Good God.  Did I really just type that?  I know, I know, Too Much Information.

But back to the meme!  Here's my photo, and feel free to click and enlarge:

So, let's start at the top left. 

There's my empty box, turned on its side.  Lovely, lovely box that keeps everything inside of it dry and reasonably clean.  It's been put to the test this year with all of my trips around and through Ohio, most of which have been in the rain. 

To the right you can see my simple around-the-neck magnifier.  Very low tech. 

Behind the magnifier is a small wooden trinket box that houses all of the things in front of it including
  • Hand Cream
  • Variety of needles
  • Wrist Pincushion (made specially for me by the Meme Creator herself
  • Tape measure in an adorable Vera Bradley case
  • Magnetic Neede minder
  • Needle Threader
  • Star Detailor
  • My glasses
So all of that goes into the wooden box which goes inside of the plastic box and those things are always, always there. 

Then there's the stuff that floats around inside the box.  Except for the note pad and pencils, it's all related to specific projects.  And those projects are (again, starting on the left):
  1. PS Santa chart with threads (in zipped project bag) and 18ct linen and mounted on Q Snaps.  I know - the Q snaps don't fit in the box, but they deserved a place in the photo
  2. Carol's Sew Red chart, with some red Needle Necessites thread and white linen
  3. CCN's Be Joyful in Hope with threads....waiting for me to rip and replace the words!
  4. Autumn Leaves in its scroll frame and with its threads.  Again, I know the frame doesn't fit in the box, but you get it.
You can see that each project gets its own needleminder and scissor set.  What good are trinkets and doodads if you don't use them?

And that's my meme!

Oh and you are all so wonderfully kind for asking about my son!  I spoke to him yesterday and he says he still feels terrible, but feels better than the day before.  I sure hope that trend continues...Thank you all for your caring (and commiseration!).


  1. Thanks for playing! I think I need to the little plastic box for my dental issues too. Drives my sister insane because she is OCD about flossing and our dental health (at this point) is the same. My dentist hates me. I feel honored my humble pincushion is in your traveling box. (Boy, that sounds dirty.)

  2. Hmmm, a plastic box - that sounds good. And you can shove a lot into it quickly.
    I don't have a stitching bag either, I just store my projects in ziplock bags and that's it.
    Good to hear that your sone is already on the mend and that it's nothing dangerous.

  3. re: Inability to Commit to Daily Flossing

    Giggle, giggle.

    I'm with you. Let's start a club.

  4. So far, I've only committed to every-other-day flossing, which is good enough. Isn't it?

    Love your boxed goods. So organized. I like the idea, but I'm into pretty things like baskets and bags next to my stitchy chair. I'm afraid it's a girly type of weakness that is all my mom's fault. My sister has the same issue, only worse.

    Male children. I can't even think of where to begin. Hope yours feels better soon.

  5. Oooh! I love boxes too. And ziploc bags....I would compartmentalize everything if I could.

  6. I have a thing about flossing. But then I have a thing about teeth. I know, color me weird.

    It was fun glimpsing inside your inner stitching world. ;)