Monday, October 19, 2009

On the road again

Another cross country meet meant another weekend on the road, so off we went to Oberlin College to see our kids run in the Oberlin Inter-regional Rumble. And I'll tell you, we just can't catch a break with the weather this year. The kids ran and we watched through cold and wind. The rain held off, but it had rained plenty the night before, and the course was slippery at best for Colleen (who ran the first race) and a complete mud bog for John (who ran the last race).

Both kids ran well. Colleen was more pleased than John. Johnny's been struggling a bit this year. But the best part is that they finish their races with smiles. Here they are after Colleen's race. John had just told her that she ran a "solid" race, and she was pretty happy.And here they are again after John's race. Oberlin has a nice indoor field house and they were very relieved to be inside and out of that cold, stiff wind.
I didn't get much stitching accomplished over the weekend. I finished the top part of the wording on this PS's Autumn Leaves, and stitched in the squirrel.

And I took an older PS Santa along with me on the car trip, stitching it over two on 18ct cork linen with #5 perle cotton. I didn't get too far along, because during daylight I was taking my turn at driving. Not making huge progress doesn't bother me, though. I've had this project on my mind for a year now, and I'm happy even if at this point it's only kitted up and in the QSnaps!

Yowza! 3 1/2 weeks till stitch camp (in Ohio this year)! I really, really need this weekend escape!


  1. Look at those smiling runners! Nice start on the PS Santa.

  2. What handsome children you have :)
    And I hope I'm running a 5k by this time next year...that's my goal anyway :)

  3. That is so nice that you got to see both kids in one weekend, Lee! I am loving Autumn Leaves more every time I see it :)

  4. Autumn Leaves is looking great! That squirrel cracks me up. Can you actually stitch in the car? I have tried but I get frustrated by having to poke and poke and poke and still not get the needle in the hole I want.

  5. Is that a bird to the left of the bridge in the picture above? I love that picture. We had beautiful picture taking whether yesterday, but 1 my camera is in the shop (it died) 2 I am borrowning my parents camera, but it sucks and 3 It was a Monday so I couldn't take off. Shucks. I'm watching the skies today though and if they clear off (cloudly now), I'm begging for leave! The colors are great out there.
    Oh sorry, glad the kids meets went well and there were no injuries due to the conditions.
    Autumn leaves is so pretty. You're making me want to go find my pattern and begin stitching it.
    Looking forward to seeing what the older PS Santa pattern is.
    3 weeks will fly by in no time.

  6. I feel like I might have mentioned it before but I am an Allegheny grad, too. You know that we secretly run the world, yes?

  7. Lovin' your Autumn Leaves wip :) No more x-country for my oldest, she does softball now...but she'll be getting some running in during track this spring :)