Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thank goodness it's Thursday!

Because my house is gross.

Friday has been my cleaning day lately, and we were away last weekend, so my house is more disgusting than usual.

How does this happen? I mean, I got it when the kids were here and there were dirty gym clothes and muddy spikes and constant showers and messes everywhere. But now it's just Dave and me. Were we the ones to blame all along??

Well! You're not here for housework complaints, so I'm going to move along.
Here is last night's progress on this fun, fun Prairie Schooler. Now that insane looking squirrel has a place to sit. He looked rather maniacal just hanging onto the branch there. I still think he looks a little intimidating. If I still feel that way at the end of this, he may become a bird....

Also, here is the fall version of those little UFO samplers. I had a frame handy - it housed some little TIAG Amish girls, but since I had taken them down off the wall several years ago, I figured that the frame was fair game. I've decided to leave the back of the frame open and switch the samplers according to the season.

Oh! And I want to send a quick get well wish to all of my fellow bloggers who have been hit with the flu lately.

It's a beautiful Indian summer day here in the Laurel Highlands, and I could start my cleaning early today, but......nah.


  1. I have the same problem with cleaning. I just can't believe I'm that messy sometimes! :)

    Love the seasonal sampler framing idea.

  2. I love your frame job! What a great idea to change out the sampler seasonally!

  3. Gorgeous progress!!! And your piece framed looks fantastic!!

  4. I was just thinking the same thing today as I got ready for work. How did the bathroom get so dirty so quickly with only 3 people here? Of course I think about cleaning when I know I don't have time :)

    You are so right. That squirrel looks like he has horns or something. Devilish.

    No flu here yet, just a little cold that DD had that kept her from working the after school program for 3 days! They don't want to take any risks.

  5. You know I think the trouble with Mr. Squirrel is that he is so skinny. He looks hungry and maybe willing to come for you to fill himself up! Maybe he is that way to represent a tough winter ahead.

    I agree totally about the cleaning.... it is never done. I know it isn't just the kids either. Dirt hides in corners and breeds.

  6. Oh, please don't mess with the squirrel. He's really cute!
    Love the pumpkin sampler.

  7. I did a little sampler for the dude and there is a squirrel that is half the size of the house. These squirrels can indeed be intimidating.

    And when did the maid stop coming to my house? I mean, this place is a sty!

  8. I must be weird, because I actually enjoy cleaning, Lee! I feel like it clears my mind...

    I know what you mean about the demonic squirrel--one of the PS fall samplers that I did had the same sort of squirrel. Must be she thinks they're possessed or something :)

    Still no flu in my house, but with me working with the public so much (touching all of those computer mice, keyboards, books, etc.--ewwww!) I fully expect that it will come calling :(

  9. I love your blog header photo! Urgh, cleaning... urgh. It's great when it's done but I hate knowing it's waiting for ME to do it.

    Beautiful stitching! I love love love that PS design.

  10. Ooh, that maniacal squirrel actually reminds me of my little feline friend! Yet another good reason to start this gorgeous sampler myself. You're doing a fabulous job, Lee.
    As for the cleaning... just ignore it until you get visitors. That's what I always do.