Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things we discuss now that the kids are gone

I've always liked sitting at the dinner table and having some conversation and when my two kids are home, that's never a problem. Now that it's just the two of us, Dave and I are feeling sort of conversationally challenged.

For instance, here are a few of our current conversations.

1. When exactly are bananas ripe? When are they too ripe? What should we do about THESE bananas?

2. (Looking out the window) Are those flowers dead? I think those flowers are dead. Yes, those flowers are dead.

3. (Taken from This American Life) If you were ever to decide that you couldn't stand me anymore and you were going to leave me, what singer should I get to give us a private performance to make you change your mind?

Well, my answer was fast and definite. That'd be Chris Isaak, singing almost anything, but Wrong to Love You is aching and sexy and raw. On the other hand, I warned Dave that I may fall in love with Chris Isaak right then and there and then I would still leave him so that I could become some kind of crazy Chris Isaak stalker. Click below and listen to this and tell me that you wouldn't follow this man to the ends of the earth.

Interestingly, Dave has decided that Chris Isaak would be HIS singer of choice, too. Ummm. I'm a little concerned.

In case you've never heard the story about the guy who hired a singer to perform for him and his ex-girlfriend, you can find it here in the This American Life radio archives.


  1. That is no fun that you are feeling conversationally challenged. What about having some music you both like in the background in case the conversation dies?

  2. ahhh that's a shame, i coundn't listen to the song, said it would play international.

    We have similar conversations here too!

  3. OMG that made me choke on my coffee it was so funny. I had a MASSIVE crush on Chris Isaak when I was younger. Actually I think I still do. So, it's a three way fight between me, you and Dave! LOL
    Our kids are still little (6&8) they keep us going conversation wise. Maybe you two could answer a question we recently had from DD (8)
    "So, now that Michael Jackson is dead, who is the king of pop?"

  4. Too funny! Conversaions like this can be really entertaining! I do have a recipe for Chocolate Chip chocolate banana muffins -- my kids let the bananas go just past ripe on purpose and then ask me to make the muffins!

  5. Don't know the guy but the voice I am definitely in love with. Thanks, CJ ok;-)

  6. LOL, I know this kind of conversation, and I don't mind as long as we have something to talk about. Be it world economics or ripe bananas, lol.

  7. When you two get to the conversations about lint in your belly button or between your toes, even though you haven't exchanged any cross words, I'd say it's time to call Chris. An ounce of prevention ...

  8. When DH and I go running together, I always tell him he has to come up with something to talk about. He's conversationally challenged when he feels the pressure is on to come up with a suitable topic. Thanks for sharing these ideas! I may use them tomorrow afternoon during our run!

  9. Don't know anything about Chris, but I'll look into his music and maybe add it to my play list. Can't listen to the clip now as I'm at work. Here is a link to my current music love;
    I like both music clips, but the first one is my current FAVORITE. I can't get enough of that song right now.
    Wish I could offer up some table conversation tips, but we've always just eaten in the living room with the tv on. LOL
    Oh, I know! You can talk about adopting. You know what I mean!
    I googled dinner conversations/questions, but didn't quickly come up with anything interesting. Maybe you could just throw out there; what are you fixing for dinner tomorrow night and see if he catches the you part (meaning him).
    Oh or you could talk about Christian Bale. Oh is he hot and Batman Begins is a great movie.
    Loved this post!