Friday, October 16, 2009

Wearing it on your sleeve

Now this isn't exactly my cup of tea. But maybe it's yours? I think that for a tatoo, this is kind of attractive and that's saying a lot because I'm completely not into tatoos. For me, I think a lapel pin would suffice.

New Embroidery Tatoo, originally uploaded by Giggly Mama and Fam.


  1. I think I'll run right out and get a tattoo just like it ... NOT.

  2. If I were going to get one...that'd be one I get... :)
    Well no not really, I always said if I got a tattoo it would be the double bow and arrow of the Dark Hunters...LOL! Long story...

  3. Hoping this is the rub on, wear off kind. For whom ever's arm it is. CJ ok;-)

  4. Hmmmm...wondering what this will look like when the owner of it is a wrinkled up 90-year-old! How on earth did you come across it, Lee? Too funny :)

  5. Well thats...uh...original...Yup, and that's all I will say about that! =)

  6. I appreciate the subject matter :) I just can't get into tattoos!

    I was at a wedding this summer and this older gentleman sat down at the table with me and my husband. He said "so tell me...what's with people of your generation and tattoos? You all have them! I don't get it!" DH and I shook our heads and said, "neither do we!" But there's no denying that tattoos are all the rage these days!