Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Blog Post Each Day

For the past couple of years I've participated in the Holidailies.  We strive to post daily, but the Holidailies spans December and requires fewer days of posts , what with the holidays and all. I managed it pretty easily each year.  It's an interesting thing.  You think you have nothing to say, but once you start writing, you find out that something actually was on your mind. 

So this year I've decided to give  NaBloPoMo a try, also.  It happens each November.  So I'll do my best to put together a post every day this month.

 If anyone else wants to give this a try, there's a link at the top of my sidebar that'll take you to a place where you can sign up and join.  (Of course, you don't have to formally "join" anything.  You can just do it on your own).  There's a stitching group over there, too, called Stitchy Fingers.  You might recognize a name or two in that group.

 OK, enough bloggy housekeeping.

Nope...I didn't finish Autumn Leaves.  For a couple of nights my eyes were just too tired and then I spent a couple of nights working on another little project (and it's a gift so I'm not ready to show it yet).  But I'll take it to camp with me (in only FIVE days!!) and hopefully have it finished and ready to show you by the end of the weekend.

We spent all day Saturday in Columbus, where Colleen ran in the North Coast Atlantic Conference XC Championship.  Johnny met us there - he's a doll.  If it's at all possible for him to be there, he always comes out to support his sister. 

She ran well, finishing 14th and covering that crazy 6K course in 24:29.  Like I said, it was crazy.  It had rained like the devil during the night before and the morning of the race, and so the ground was saturated and squishy at best.  At worst, the runners had to go through water up to their knees.  In a couple of places it was just deep and wide puddles, spanning 10 or more feet of the course.  In one place, it was running crossing a deep stream of water.  I wish I had pictures....We saw more than one runner fall in that stream. So all of the runners' times were much slower than you might regularly see.  Cross Country is like that!

After the meet, I coerced Dave into taking me to Cross My Heart, which was only 20 minutes away in another part of Columbus.  (CMH is the shop that's running next week's camp!) It's a nice little shop, with a good selection and lovely salesclerks.  They manage to pack a lot of good stuff into a small space.  Absolutely worth the trip if you're in the Columbus area.  I didn't spend a lot of time there, because I was still cold and wet from the meet, and because I wanted to save some money for Camp Shopping next week. But I did buy fabric and threads for BBD's Quaker Garden.  Gotta buy something...


  1. I have a couple plastic totes too! You can pack a lot in them. Lucky you to be going to the camp next week..look forward to hearing all about it and about all you stash. Your children sound like great young people.Have a great week!

  2. We read about Colleen in today's paper! They don't always cover the xc but there was something submitted by the college. Getting excited for the weekend!

    Lucky you got to go to Cross My Heart! I went there maybe 11 years ago. I went to Just Stitching in Strongsville yesterday and I also bought fabric and threads!

  3. Good luck with your posting daily!! Sounds like fun, but I don't think that I could keep up! LOL Congrats to Colleen!!

  4. I'm trying the daily posting thing too - fingers crossed we can both keep it up!

  5. Oh, you're brave to try the 30 days of postings, Lee! I can barely post once a week... I'll try and do my part by reading every single one of your posts, OK :)

    Great finish by Colleen! Can't imagine running through all that water! How many pairs of running shoes does she go through each season?!

  6. Posting every day? Maybe during a vacation, but not a chance when school is in session. Good luck with your challenge.

    Remind me, if I unexpectedly get the urge, to never become a cross-country runner. It looks pretty messy.