Monday, November 09, 2009

Camp by the numbers

15:  The number of funny, talented and warm stitchers that attended Camp Gotta Stitch in Charm, Ohio. 

14:  Average numbers of laugh-out-loud moments each hour during our stay at camp.  (The other moments were spent quietly chuckling or counting. I mean, we were stitching, after all) I love people who can give and get good-natured digs and everyone spent a lot of time teasing each other and laughing at ourselves.  It was that kind of crowd.  And when we weren't ribbing each other, some people were making dirty jokes about Santa.  And now they'll all be getting coal this Christmas.

13:  Campers in the Christmas Bling Fashion Show.  Prize winner Numero Uno is the darling Mary, whose Christmas nighty and Bat Hat stole the show.

Next we have Prize Winners Two and Three, the Dynamic Blingy Duo of Pam and Emily.  Emily went over the top with tinsel and Pam?  I think the light up antlers speak for themselves.

12: Months till the next camp.  Say it ain't so!

11:  I swear this is true.  You won't believe it, but it's the number of  baked pies and cakes that were assembled for our camp snacks and desserts.  And that's not even mentioning the homemade candies, cookies, brownies, and oh - I'm not even including the chocolate fondue stuff.  So if you think about it, that's like the equivalent of one entire pie or cake per camper.  And in case you're wondering, YES - I ate my quota.

10:  Number of hours I slept all weekend.  Sleep?  It's overrated when you're at camp.

9:  The number of adorable camp projects that we received.  I'm not kidding.  Nine.  Complete kits that included charts, fabric, threads and several had everything we needed to finish-finish them.  Extraordinary.

8: A little over 8 months ago, I met Barb through our stitching blogs.  Well, one thing led to another and we quickly became friends.  (Lots of uncanny coincidences and circumstances!) And then we became co-campers, too.  Now I hope that our stitching adventures continue with more camps and more chances to get together.  Because we really have fun!  And no - I'm not a "little person".  I just wanted you to see the cute little tree set up in the corner. 

7:    Seven wonderful meals prepared by our camp chef.  Seriously.  Homemade meals prepared for us (with love, I'm sure) in the house kitchen and served hot and fresh each time.   Oh, and by the way, I'm counting the Chocolate Festival as a meal because there was a crockpot involved. 

6:  Staff people from Cross My Heart.  That's some kind of staff/camper ratio, and although none of us were terribly needy campers, it was nice to know that they were there. They kept everyone engaged and worked hard at facilitating a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere.  Sometimes camps can seem exclusive.  You know from the get-go that you're not a part of their crowd.  I didn't feel that way at all with these folks.

5: Dinner Time at Grandma's Restaurant.  Because we all really needed to EAT MORE.

4:  Curses muttered as I assembled my new K's Creation lap frame.  Do you remember the spatial ability part of the IQ tests?  Where there were little pictures and you had to decide what they'd look like when they were put together?  I was classified as more than  But once I had it together, it was heaven on earth.  And the profanity stopped.

3:  One of our campers was a professional story teller and she told us three great stories Saturday evening as we settled in for our night of stitching.  Story telling....what an art.  There's nothing like stitching and listening to a great story.  You could've heard a pin drop.  It was marvelous.

2:  We enjoyed the company of two camp mascot dogs, Tango and Cleo.  They were almost as entertaining as the campers.  Boy oh boy....if those dogs could talk, we'd be in big trouble.

1:  That'd be me.  One very happy, very energized and very well taken care of stitcher! Oh!  And ONE project completed at camp!  In between eating, laughing, and general carrying on, I finished Prairie Schooler's Autumn Wind.  Can you tell that I'm having a good time?  And a round of applause can always make me smile.


  1. Sounds like Camp was a fantastic time! Glad to see your happy dance too!

  2. Wow, I loved reading about camp! I would love to go to one sometime,somewhere. Love your finished P.S. design .
    glad it all went so well and you had a great time!

  3. Looks like you had a great time! Loved the pictures. Kudos on a finish too...very pretty.

  4. Great job summarizing camp! I don't know why my eyes are closed though. Maybe we should have previewed that shot :)

    When I first saw that picture I did think of little people! I wish I hadn't forgotten my camera. I missed out on a lot of shots of beautiful Holmes County. Dum de dumb!

  5. Wow, camp sure sounds like fun! I really need to look into doing this someday. Right now I am still a bit too tied to driving kids around, but someday my nest will be empty and I will get my chance. I love your finish, that squirrel doesn't look out of place at all.

  6. It sounds like you had a whale of a time - I'm impressed you managed to finish your project with all that was going on!

  7. Chocolate Festival!!!???? Count me in next year--ha ha. So glad that you and Barb had fun, Lee. And your PS finish is one of the prettiest I've seen :)

  8. Oh Lee, I have just devoured each and every detail of what you report from this retreat. It must have been absolutely and completely wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Certainly seems like you had a G-R-E-A-T time !

  10. Oh Lee!!! I'm so glad you had a great time! I love your description and congrats on getting the PS piece finished!

  11. Sounds like a FANTASTIC time!!!

  12. I was totally there until you got to the story teller. You know how some people hate clowns?

    The rest of it though sounds AWESOME. Glad you had such a great time!

  13. Sounds like camp was a wonderful time. 15 is a very nice number to be able to enjoy each other. Creative way to tell us all about camp. Sounds like your camp is similar to the one my stitching friends and I have every week at our little stitch get together. Sometimes more laughing than stitching.