Monday, November 30, 2009

The end of NaBloPoMo

So, here we are at the end of National Blog Posting Month.  I managed to post 26 times this month, which isn't perfect but is still over twice the number of posts I write in a month.  On the days that I missed writing,  I was tempted to post a one-liner, but then I felt like I wasn't following the spirit of the project.  It felt more true to just skip it and then fess up at the end.

So, last night after the kids left to return to their schools (Thank-you-very-much), Dave and I went out for pizza and then settled in at home to watch the Steelers play on Sunday Night Football.  I also finished my PS Santa, which is one of the few positive things that happened during that game.  

I'm thinking of swearing off football all together.  Two weeks of Steeler losses and Pitt losing to WVU has made me overly depressed.  I needed to relive some past glory, so I visited with Mean Joe Green.  He likes my Santa, too.

So as of today, I have three UFO's hanging around.  There's my BAP, Tree of Life. I also have a small red sampler, and Brightneedle's Lo How a Rose.  Or I could start a few new Christmas ornaments.  And there are 9 camp project kits by my desk. Or another big Santa?  Or I could piece a Christmas tree skirt for the pencil tree.

What to do....What to do?


  1. I'm doing "Lo how a rose" too!!!! Have put it off to try and finish a LHNeedleworks design for my mother for Christmas. I got the book from Doris from Pause in the journey and am supposed to send it to France when I am done. I probably won't pick it up till this LHN is finished as I could give it to my Mom for her Feb. bday. That is neat that you are doing it too. I love your P.S. santa. I want to do that one at some point too. So many projects , so little time....
    have a great week!

  2. Your Santa is just gorgeous. Lucky you only having 3 UFO's I am afraid to count mine...LOL

  3. Three WIPS! That is amazing! Looking forward to seeing what you decide to start!

  4. Congrats on your NaBloPoMo success!! Love the Santa, he is gorgeous!

  5. Congrats on NaBloPoMo and your cute finish.

    As to what I'd stitch next in your position - probably an ornament, for a little instant gratification!

  6. Where is Mean Joe when we need him, Lee? But, how about those Pens!!! At least one team is coming through for the 'Burgh...

    I'd love to see you stitch another Santa pillow so the first Santa has company. It is just beautiful :)

  7. Your santa looks great! I'm in the same position, wondering what to stitch even though I have (ahem) more than 3 WIPs. I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide to work on!

  8. Swear off football? Too funny - truly, I feel your pain, even though it's college. Just when we thought NCSU would never win again, they scored and over Carolina, to boot! Hang in there - it'll happen!
    Cute finish!