Saturday, November 28, 2009

First off, here's my latest update on the biggy-sized PS Santa.  There are just a few more finishing touches left, then he'll be a pillow.  I have in my head a basket full of big Santa pillows.  Wouldn't that be neat?  Wouldn't it be even more neat if I actually did it?  Plans, plans.  I always have plans.

But anyway, I've mentioned before that I'm using DMC No. 5 Perle cotton, and I changed the colors to make him more red and less pink.  And the perle cotton selections are more limited than regular DMC floss, so I had to make some changes anyway.  I like how easy it is to use the perle cotton.  No seperating and reassembling strands of floss....And it has a nice sheen to it.  But here's what I don't like about using this stuff:

I cannot get away from these knots and tangles!  Part of it is my impatience.  I think if I took time at the beginning of the project and carefully undid the wrapper and unwound the floss (although it still knots up no matter what) then wound it onto thread cards, I'd  be less frustrated.  Why-oh-why can't it just come out of the skein nice and neat like regular DMC floss?  My perle cotton is one huge tangled mess all the time.  Anybody have a tip for me? 

Our Thanksgiving day was extra nice.  Both kids and I went to the Turkey Trot in our small town and they had a tremendous turnout, which meant a great fundraising event for the Salvation Army.  I walked the 5K in just over 43 minutes, which was really good for me.  You know what....I used to beat myself up for being such a slow runner, but now that I'm walking I feel pretty good.  I've discovered that I'm actually a pretty fast walker!  After it was over I took off quickly for home to get our turkey stuffed and in the oven so I don't know where I placed or how I fared in my age group. 

I have to say that I've enjoyed reading about all of YOUR Thanksgivings.  The food photos and the family pictures have been great!

Speaking of family, it's amazing to me how busy I seem to be with two young adults at home.  It's not like the kind of busy activity where I actually accomplish anything, though.  How can I explain?  It's like I'm prattling around all the time.  I wait a lot.  I plan a lot.  I sit with them at the TV a lot.  The day goes by and I can't name one thing that I've accomplished.  I just don't get it....

See you tomorrow gang!


  1. Oh a big basket of Santa pillows sounds wonderful! That is a great idea, should do it!

  2. Best floss tip I ever got:

  3. Nice progress - and sounds like you've had a nice Thanksgiving!

  4. Lovely Santa and I like the idea of lots of Santa pillows. Glad you had a terrific Thanksgiving.

  5. He is just so handsome, Lee! Glad your feast day was fun and tasty. I have a few "stories" I'll share with you about ours on Friday!

  6. Fabulous Santa! What a pain about the floss!