Tuesday, November 03, 2009

First projects

One of the things on our "To Bring" list for camp was our first cross stitch projects.

Have they forgotten that I'm almost as old as dirt??  But I managed to dig up a couple of pieces that were from back in the 80's.  I think I started stitching in this piece dated 1985 is pretty darn close to my beginning stitching.  This sampler has been kicked around a bit, and when we moved to this house in 2001 it was put into my daughter's closet and hadn't seen the light of day since then.  It's terribly dusty.  Although I don't have the book anymore, I know it was from Leisure Arts.

I also came across this, and I know I stitched it around 1985, because that's when we bought our first house.   It was framed at one time....Don't know why I de-framed it. It's an Astor Place design from 1980 or thereabouts.  I don't have the chart anymore but I still have "Bless This House" which is very similar and also from 1980.  The price sticker is a whopping $3.

And finally, here is a design that I purchased from Cross My Heart the last time that I visited their shop.  Back in 1987!!  It was designed for thier shop and for a specific fabric (Rimini?). 

My goodness, it's SO evident that I didn't take that 3-inches-all-around fabric allowance seriously!  Look at the "Welcome"...There's barely 1/2" to work with over on the right side there.  I've thought of making this into a pillow because I still like it, but even with a 1/4" seam, I'll still be practically on top of the stitching.  I'd be glad of any suggestions about what to do with this.


  1. I like the sampler, it's a pretty design.

    With Welcome, since you have so little allowance on the right side, perhaps you could nun stitch round the edge, trim off the excess and then attach the stitching to a pillow? You would be able to work the nun stitch almost right up to the edge of the fabric, giving you more fabric around the design to work with that way. Hope that makes sense!


  2. I like these pieces a lot! The sampler is beautiful, and I would stitch this even in 2009!

  3. What lovely pieces. I especially like the Welcome piece.

  4. I had to get up and go to the bathroom over "Don't they know I'm nearly old as dirt?" LOL!
    Those are some seriously fantastic samplers...I think Welcome could be made into a pillow put some seam sealer glue on it,stitch maybe some interfacing on it to give it some stability and that way you could get it right close to the edge.

  5. I stitched the Leisure Arts sampler way back in 1984 or 85 too! I gave it away as a housewarming gift and I still have the leaflet. I've always wanted to stitch it again. Way cool, Lee! We have the same taste!

  6. Those are so lovely! Your first stitching looks so much better than mine did. They did not get framed or displayed at all!! LOL

  7. Wow, I wish my first stitching looked that good! :)

  8. I think you did a good job on these too. I admit to still miscalculating the seam allowance-must not do the cutting in my lap while watching tv!
    You could make a fabric border for 'Welcome' but maybe do as Von suggested.

  9. Most of my first cross-stitch projects were Christmas ornaments, so I see them every year! I have an old sampler, though, that goes back to 1972. That's scary.

  10. These projects don't look like old, they are still up to date I think. It all depends on our personal taste.
    I didn't stitch back in the 80s, I only started in the mid 90s. But it's a brilliant idea to pull out some of my first stitches and look at them again.