Saturday, November 14, 2009

Little Miss Fast

Today my darlin' daughter ran in the NCAA Division III Great Lakes Regional meet.  It was really far away and Dave had to work, so I didn't go.  That was probably a good thing, because it's rained and been miserable weather for almost every meet we've attended this year.

It's the O'Neil Weather Curse.  Whenever Dave and I go on a trip, weather records are bound to be broken.  Hottest....Coldest....Wettest....Driest.  You name it and we've been there for the record breaker.  And I don't mean to make light of the storm damage situation along the Atlantic coast, but I will tell you that you should count your lucky stars that Dave and I were not vacationing near you this week.  It could have been worse.

But back to the meet.  Since my husband and I couldn't attend, the runners were blessed with good weather, and Colleen ran well and her team placed well.  So they're very happy.  Here's Little Miss Fast at an unscored meet that was a couple of weeks ago.

Dave and I went to see Sinbad (the comedian, not the fable) last night in Greensburg.  We laughed till we were hoarse.

Football tonight and football tomorrow.  And that's a good thing, because I'll get to stitch and my PS Santa needs a head.  I'll take pictures when he has a head.  It's too depressing to take pictures of a headless Santa.


  1. Congratualtion to your daughter and her team. So glad the weather cooperated for them.

  2. There are times when I love bad weather. When I need a dose of it, I'll let you know! Glad to hear your daughter's team did well!

  3. Look at her go! You can really sense the speed with the wind her hair and the positioning of her arms. WOW!

  4. Great pic!!! Congrats to her and her team! I would love to see Sinbad in person!! I love football season, I do enjoy the game but I really enjoy the stitching during the game more!! LOL

  5. You can come visit me we need some rain. congrations on your the great performance of your DD and her team.

  6. Do you friends ask you every year where you go on vacations to avoid the same spot as yours ? lol