Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Camp Stuff

I did a little shopping at camp.  The shopping aspect was the one part of camp that was just a little bit disappointing.  The shop staff didn't bring very much of a "store" to camp with them so there just wasn't much to buy.  I had ordered a couple of things ahead of time though, and I was happy to pick them up at camp and save the postage fees. 

Here's my biggest purchase(ordered ahead of time):  A K's Creations Lap frame with the universal clamps.  I had been an in-hand stitcher forever, until last year when I bought a set of scroll frames for a BAP.  I've loved using them ever since, but they do get a bit heavy and cumbersome. So I decided that I needed something to help me hold the scroll frames or Qsnaps.

This lap frame is completely fantastic.  I can make loads of adjustments, I can use one or both arms to hold my frames, and it flips around very easily.  Here's another thing...I LOVE that I can sit upright comfortably and stitch.  My stitching posture is so much better. 
(That's a PS 2005 Santa, on 18ct linen -over 2 threads- with No.5 perle cotton)

And here are my other camp purchases.  From the camp shop, I bought needles and some Thread Heaven.  Then I decided that I couldn't live without the new LHN Poinsetta House, and luckily one of the shop ladies was coming to camp Saturday night and she kitted it up for me and brought it.  It'll make a great Christmas break project.  Oh - and my new Kelmscott scissors that I had ordered quite a while ago.

This is cute - I had ordered those scissors when they first started appearing on websites, and the shop was so vigilant about making sure that I received them at camp that three different people brought me those scissors.  Sweet!

And finally,  Barb and I had met early on Friday for lunch and a bit of shopping.  We had lunch at The Farmstead Restaurant - a wonderful soup and salad buffet.  Then we went to a small shop in Berlin, where the stitching selection wasn't so great, but they did have a good selection of frames and I found this fantastic bellpull.  I don't have anything to go in it....yet!

I'm thinking that next year it might be nice to get there a day early - like Thursday - and do more shopping.  Berlin has two really nice quilt shops and there are wonderful wine and cheese stores and pottery and kitchen stores, and, and and.....Well, you get it.  I had better start saving my pennies today!


  1. Great buys! I have the K's Z Frame and it sure comes in handy when I need two hands to get something beading!

  2. What wonderful finds!!! Sounds like Camp was just wonderful!

  3. I love to see pictures of other stitchers' new stash to make up a bit for the lack of my own new stash. Yours looks great. I'm also an in-hand stitcher and have never tried frames. And I think I'll stay an in hand stitcher as there's little chance to get any of these nice frames around here.
    Looking forward to seeing this Santa finished.