Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh My Gosh!

I competely, totally forgot to post yesterday!  There goes my perfect NaBloPoMo record.  Sniff.  In my defense, I had a couple of work issues yesterday that kept running around and around in my head.  Even yoga couldn't clear my ruminating mind.  So I just plain forgot.
Well!  On Saturday I'll summarize your responses to my last post about themed Christmas stitching.  But I'll tell you right now that the Fellow in the Red Suit is pretty darn popular.

As for me, I love Santa, too and I have several Santa charts, but I've only stitched him once.  I have several collections like that....I decide that I love this, that, or the other theme and I must have charts in that theme and then I don't actually stitch them.

Let's see....I've collected butterfly charts.  (Stitched none) Bird charts.  (Stitched none) Cat charts. (Stitched 1) Hearts. (Stitched 1)  Florals.  (Stitched none) L&L angels (stitched none)  I'll stop here.  I'm getting sad.

On the other hand, I've collected and successfully stitched houses and samplers for over 25 years and that's saying something, isn't it?  Maybe it just says that I'm a one (or two) trick pony....but I choose to say that I'm really, really good at stitching houses and samplers, and I like the feeling of being good at something and I'm not going to mess with that.

But back to favorite Christmas themes and I want to tell you my favorites and show you how they've changed over the years.  Picture time!

Christmas samplers.  Gotta love them.  I mean....alphabets.  Neat motifs lined up in a row.  Right up my alley.

I used to love stitching the Told in a Garden free yearly angels, too.  I stitched five years worth, and I think that I just didn't like the angels that came out after that and I stopped and never got back to them.

 And now I'm not sure that I could say that I have a favorite theme.  Snowmen are sweet.  Santa may be in the running.  And who doesn't love a holiday house?  It's so hard to choose....


  1. I seem to have more than a few Santas in my stash & finished collections- all different styles. I know I'm drawn (that's a pun) to houses because I'm an architectural drafter, and I like different styles of samplers, too.
    I'm not consciously collecting any particular "theme", I think just certain subjects, combined with the colors/styles in which they're designed, compel me to want to stitch them. I'm not, however, compelled to stitch in season. I've picked up a Xmas chart in July more than once because I just wanted to start a design I loved. If I could pick one style that seems predominent thru my whole stash pile, I guess it would be "whimsical", which could apply to Santas, samplers, florals, etc.

  2. I have a lot of pumpkins and willow trees. I've stitched two pumpkins (I think, this isn't scientific) and the only willows are in a Christmas sampler my mother has. But I might get to them...someday.

  3. I was just looking through my stash of almost thirty-some, let's just say a long time, years and was amazed at how my tastes have changed in so many ways and stayed the same in so many others. Scares me that I have patterns that qualify as "vintage"...

  4. Love your samplers! Love the angels too but have never stitched one. Never really thought about until now. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh poo, Lee! Sorry you missed a day! *hugs*

  6. I've stitched angels and some other collections, but I'm still wild for houses. What's wrong (or maybe right) with us? I even collect pictures that I dream of one day turning into charts of cool houses.

    Your angels are beautiful.

  7. Whenever a chart has a house I feel urged to buy that chart. The same with birds. But now, who can buy all the charts with houses and birds? LOL.
    The only collection I have when it comes to XS charts is my Prairie Schooler collection. It has been my favourite designer since I started stitching.