Monday, November 02, 2009

XC Meet Pictures

I hadn't taken my camera to the meet, so I didn't have any pictures to share so you could see how very wet and muddy the course was for the NCAC championship meet. Luckily, one of the parents from the Allegheny College team (John's team) shared some photos with us.  These pictures will give you some idea, although they don't show the places where the water was the deepest.  We spectators didn't want to get completely covered in water and mud  couldn't get that close. 

In this next picture, the young man on the left had just fallen into one of those deep puddles.  I'll tell you, I don't know how these kids keep going.....

And finally, here's Colleen!  She stayed just behind the two Allegheny girls through the whole race and finished very close to them.  She's the runner on the far right in the black Wooster singlet.  Her teammate, Sarah, is in the white hat.  She wears it in every meet, and it makes her easy to pick out.
Four days till CAMP!


  1. Ugh! all that mud. Hope John and Colleen were able to take long, hot showers afterwards.

    Can't wait to read all about your Camp adventures. Enjoy!

  2. Our son runs in high school! Years back we had rain all the time while kids were running at a meet. At times it reminded me of a little kid splashing in a mud puddle to see how far he could get the water to go. The kids actually enjoyed that meet. It took their mind off of running. Never saw kids head for the bus so fast to get dry and warmed up.

  3. Love the pics! Looks like the weather was not nice at all! Hope they are both doing well!

  4. Ugh, Lee, what awful running conditions!! Runners are definitely a tough lot! :D