Thursday, December 31, 2009

And one more thing

I've shamelessly stolen this idea from Yoyo's blog. Happy New Year Friends!


  1. Oh you make me laugh, Lee. This doesn't have any ties to the previous post does it? You know, to do with the thong....I can see where your mind is going this New Year's Eve! ha ha!

    ps I guess this George is different than your neighbour George, eh? ;-)

  2. And a very happy new year to you! Kisses for George!

  3. In a word: YUM.

    Note to self: Look at Lee's blog before going to sleep, in the hopes of imprinting this image on the brain and having a Clooney dream. Yeah baby, yeah.

    Oh, and umm, happy new year!!

  4. Happy New Year Lee! Great pic!! whoo hoo! I am still laughing at your last post . That was hilarious! Your 2009 finishes are great. I hope I can do more this year too now that I am on a roll. going to pull out 'Lo how a rose' this week.