Saturday, December 05, 2009

From back in the days when I used paper and pen

Back in the 1990's, I was big into pen pals.  It was totally amazing to me.  I added my name to a "Pin Pals" list in Quilters Newsletter Magazine, saying that I liked quilting and cross stitch and that I had young children and *poof* my mailbox was full for several weeks.  I think I had something like 40-50 responses from all over the world.  Now remember, none of us had home computers at the time.  All of our letters were hand written for at least the first 5 years of our pen pal relationships.  We were devoting a lot of time and energy to this.

Well, as these things go, some people wrote and we evetually found that we had almost nothing in common.  I think that I can say that we gave it a valiant try, but in the end we knew it wasn't working for either of us.  And some of those pen pals turned out to   After a while and a bit of natural weeding out, I found some women who were fun and lively and interesting pen pals.  Some of them fizzled out too, as situations in our lives changed and we lost touch or lost interest in the whole writing thing.  Now, some 25 years later, there are still two whom I consider close friends.  There's Hella from Germany and Elizabeth from Australia, and I adore both of them.

 Anyway though....I found out about Round Robins back then and I participated in a few.  Maybe 5?  So here's what I want to show you today.  This was a RR that started in July 1993 and finished in March 1994.  My theme is obvious, but the other themes included animals, holidays, rabbits, quilts, rag dolls, teddy bears and "your state".

I thought it would be interesting to post the stitchers' names, too, so....

Starting at the top row and moving right:
Lisa Rohr, Nebraska
Cheree Morozoff, Canada
Connie Nugent, Pennsylvania

Second row:
Jenny Berman Ross, Virginia
Barb Bartlett, Michigan

Third row:
Kim Provax, Arizona
Laura Cherry, Utah
Zoann Kochersperger, West Virginia

This devil is still unfinished.  measuring 12" x 12".  I really need to do something about that...


  1. I had a pen pal too. In fact now she's one of my oldest friends :) We started writing to each other in 1978 and are still writing. But now instead of stationery we use email. I love my Australian Jenny-Girl!
    You're santa's are fantastic. I've never participated in a RR.

  2. I had a pen pal long, long ago, and it was so much fun!

    I love all the different Santas. They really are beautiful!

  3. Your Santa RR is just beautiful and how it must bring back wonderful memories.

  4. I used to have pen pals too. Sadly, we all got busy and moved on. Today my pen pals are internet friends!

  5. How cool you still have some of your pen pals! Love the RR - I'm sure you have great memories.

  6. A very nice RR. I also have a couple of finished and some unfinished RRs in a drawer. I remember a year when I had joined 9 RRs and was only stitching on RRS.
    I have been penpalling since the time I learned English at school. And I have met many nice people through all these letters. Some of them even were guests at my house when travelling around. Today emails have replaced the real letters and somehow this is a bit sad because I always liked to write on fancy stationery. I still have lots of it and will certainly use it one day again.

  7. I think that is one of the best things about cross-stitching--the memories that each piece brings to mind...

    It is a very special piece, Lee--hope you can get it framed or make it into a pillow soon :)

  8. It would be really interesting to find out if any of these women are blogging now!

  9. I remember having 3 or 4 pen pals when I was at school. We used to write and send photos and other small trinkets. Lovely times.

    Love the Santa RR.

  10. I'm still extremely fond of handwritten notes and letters. In my job, I get cards from kids to thank me for being their teacher. I think I have almost all of them in a couple of files. I LOVE and treasure them.