Monday, December 28, 2009

Good News and Many Thanks and a Bit of Stitching

First of all, thanks so very much to all of you for your prayers and your words of support while I worried and worried about my MIL last week.  Every time I read one of your comments, I could literally feel the comfort that you offered.  I completely mean that.  It was a physical relief.

Have you ever had a moment or a feeling that you're receiving grace?  That's what you all gave me.  That moment when you just breathe and let the comfort wash over you and then you know that you can move forward and everything will be ok no matter what.  So you may not think that the words that you type have that big of an impact, but I mean to tell you that they do.  So thanks to each and every one of you. 

And someone - I don't know who - sent me a Secret Santa gift (a gift cert. to eHandcrafts) the day before Christmas.  Girls...I was shocked.  I had been busting my butt for a couple of days with caring for my MIL and feeling like the entire family Christmas thing was falling on my shoulders and dealing with Dave's extra work hours.  Oh, and the impending ice storm was just the frosting on the cake.  I was hardly sleeping and had been in constant motion since Sunday. 

WELL, when I sat down at the computer before supper on Christmas Eve and looked at my email, I couldn't believe it.  I almost wept. I mean, I read your blogs, too and I know that we all have our problems and worries lately.  Kids (young and old), aging parents, PITA jobs or even joblessness...So I know that whoever sent this probably has worries of their own.  But they put aside their troubles and thought of me and did something so kind just at a time when I needed it the most. 

So I don't know who did this, but thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And as for my MIL...

We brought my MIL home from the hospital last Tuesday and I'm happy to tell you that her confusion seemed to disappear after a very, very short time. She slept well and completely each night, got some strength back, and little by little took steps to take care of herself each day. Then yesterday she told us that she was ready to go home and Dave and I felt pretty comfortable with that.

So today we packed her things and went to get some groceries and I took her home. We'll be checking in on her each day for the rest of the week and if she's having trouble, we'll bring her back here.

It's been a stressful week, especially with a holiday in the middle of it and with Dave having to work extra because of another pharmacist's vacation, but we made it through and I'll tell you what....I'm almost glad that this happened. It's been a wake-up call for us. Aging parents are something that we don't like to think about and so we just, well, we just don't think about it and that means that we don't always plan for it very well. Dave and I both see that we absolutely must plan for her care and we also see that we shouldn't expect help from any other family members. (His brother and sister-in-law did not lift a finger. Selfish? Let me tell you.)

I feel like I could sleep for a week now. Except my neighbor has just turned 70 and there's no way I'd want to miss his party tonight.  George is super. In fact, at 70, his "age-ness is finally catching up to his coolness." But I want to go especially because I want to give him this!

George builds custom made wooden canoes and they are works of art. I hope he likes my attempts at coolness....

Here is another quickie PS finish.  This year's Christmas freebie.  I had so little time to stitch this week, and I used the simplest of finishes because I really wanted to get this onto my little cross stitch ornie tree. 

Actually, a quick nap may be just the thing.  After all, I have to keep up with George tonight!


  1. I am so pleased that things are working our for your MIL. It is never easy having to make those kind of decisions. My Mum & Dad are both in their 80's and keep good health. I think that George will love your canoe.

  2. Glad to hear that your MIL is doing better. Aging parents are scary. Mine are in their 80's. I'm after my mother to use her cane constantly. My siblings don't help whatsoever and I'm stereotypically supposed to be the irresponsible youngest one. Go figure!

    I love your canoe finish...I think George will love it!

  3. So glad to hear your MIL is doing better. I know how troubling it is to deal with an aging parent - went through a similar situation this summer. My dad's doing better and is still ornery as ever so I hope your MIL will get back on track. We too found out the hard way that caring for an aging parent should not be put off. It's a challenge but when they forget to be cranky about being bossed around, their usually quite happy for the attention. Be sure to take good care of yourself and get some rest.

  4. My goodness you've had a rough time. The Christmas season is always stressful anyway, and to worry about your MIL, etc! Glad to hear she is doing better.

    That's a wonderful gift you've stitched - I'm sure George will be tickled pink!

  5. Lee, I'm glad to hear that your MIL is doing so much better.

    Your ornaments are terrific. I don't know how George could NOT love the canoeing Santa!

  6. I'm so glad your mother in law is doing better. We're in the same situation in terms of lack of help with other family members. Our medial emergency with her came the first Friday in December last year. She got out of the nursing home in mid February. It was a very stressful time for everyone. We just found out she started smoking again which just speeds up the decline of her brain. She is in terrible shape for 60.

    It was a wake up call for us regarding her plans, but also our own.

  7. I'm so glad to hear that your mother in law is doing better. I hope she will be able to care for herself and will eat and drink enough. I think this is one major reason for a decline in health. I swear, my mom eats the tiniest bits of food everyday. Makes me nuts!

    And doesn't it seem that just when you think things will be peaceful for awhile, something happens to shake things up? In the words of Roseanne Roseannadanna, "it's always something...".

    Love the canoe!!!

  8. So glad to hear that your mother in law is doing better.

    Love the Santa ornament - way cool!

  9. I'm glad to hear your MIL is doing so much better. I didn't blog about it, but last month we had our own scare here with my dad - it's hard facing up to parents getting older. Fortunately, dad is pretty much back to his old self, and I do have my sister to share the worries and duties with.

    Enjoy the party!

  10. Oh, Lee, that is very encouraging news about Dave's mom...Perhaps she was just over-tired and not eating or drinking well? It certainly is a wake-up call. My family just dances around the subject of our aging parents and we know that soon it will hit us smack in the face...

    I love both of your finishes and I know George probably feels honored that you took the time to stitch him such a personalized ornament.

    May 2010 be good to you, my friend :)

  11. This seems to be an encouraging turn of events. Glad to hear your MIL is improving so much.

    And I love the Canoe Santa. It looks lovely on the green wool.

  12. I like your description of grace. Very relevant! I'm so glad your MIL is doing better.

    I also love your Santa. He's terrific.

    Continuing to send good thoughts your way.

  13. Whew! I'm glad to hear about your MIL. I was wondering about you.

    George's gift is fabulous. If he doesn't want it (fat, fat chance), you know where to send it!

  14. So glad to hear that your MIL is doing better and ready to go home.

    Love George's gift...that Santa and conoe are so cute :)

  15. It's so good to hear of your mil's improvement! And so wise of you to begin planning for future care needs for her too. It's a difficult thing for everyone to think about, but when the time comes, forethought makes things easier.

    Continued prayers for you and best wishes for a very Happy New Year!

  16. I'm really glad to read that your MIL is doing better and better. I can relate to the situation as my mother was having a sudden fit of weakness two years ago and was confined to her bed for more than two weeks. But she regained her strength slowly but steadily and lives on her own again. But my sister and I are always worried that something like this could happen again. And it could.
    I hope that you will find a solution for your MIL.

  17. I'm glad that your MIL is doing better. Prayers for all of you as you deal with her care! I'm sure George will love the canoe. Love the other ornament, too!

  18. Bless you for taking care of your MIL. It is a hard thing to deal with aging parents. I can so identify with you. Just last week I drove over 360 miles to pick up my almost 90 year old father to take him to the dr. and back home.

    Lovely stitching. That canoe is just the perfect gift for your neighbor. Nice job.