Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oh...and I forgot to tell you this

I want to end this year with a smile, so I'll tell you this story.

Having your MIL staying with you for a week can be ummm... Interesting. So on Sunday I was folding wash on the couch in the living room. Usually I fold in my bedroom, but the Steeler game was on and so I didn't give it a thought. Well, I was folding a load of dark wash and folding and folding and not thinking anything about it, and we were talking and watching the game, when I came to one of my exercise bras:

And I started to fold it.

Evidently, the MIL was closely watching what I was folding, because she says..."So Lee, is David wearing thongs now?" Cool as a freakin' cucumber.

I coulda died. Dave has a nice build, but....c'mon.

It was a MIL moment to remember.


  1. Priceless! Did you keep a straight face, burst from laughter, wet yourself.....?
    Your 2009 finishes are spectacular. Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy New Year.
    Chris in NY

  2. AAAAHAHAHAHA! That is the best story ever!

  3. That is a nice MIL story! Very funny indeed.

  4. So...what did you tell her?! I'd love to hear your response!

  5. Ha ha! That sounds like something my own mom may say. : )

  6. Too funny! Definitely a keeper!

  7. Now, that is possibly the best funny ever! I'm with the other girls wanting to know what you did. That's wonderful.

    BTW, my word verification word is "carat". I love that kind of veggie.