Sunday, December 13, 2009

We officially lost our minds for three days

Touring New York City in frigid weather with windchills that made it feel like the temperature was down in the teens and during the height of the Christmas rush is most certainly insane. And what do certifiably crazy people do while they're doing certifiably crazy things? They take pictures.

Here we are on Crazy Bus #1 - the Holiday Lights tour of NYC. The wind was blowing a gale but we wanted good pictures so we sat on the top floor of the bus, NOT under the plastic cover. So we could get good pictures.  Because the choice between great pictures and frostbite is a no brainer when you're a NYC tourist.

Here are a few:

 Times Square

Lincoln Center


 The four other hale and hearty souls sitting up top and outside hung in there with us, too.

 Day Two was just as cold - maybe even colder.  But this time we knew to sit under the plastic dome on the bus.  Cold, but sheltered from the wind.  And we got off the bus and walked a good bit, too.

Here we are near City Hall and those are real working gas lamps.

We "hopped on and off" the Downtown tour bus all day, finishing the night with a trip to Rockefeller Center, then we walked all the way back to Macy's to pick up a Jim Shore Santa (at a fabulous price, by the way) Then a late supper near 33rd and Broadway and back to the hotel.

I'll have Day 3 pictures tomorrow and I'll tell you about the crush of humanity in NYC on a Saturday, just two weeks before Christmas....


  1. Lee, thanks for the great photos! Yes you look cold (brrrr!) but it looks like a lot of fun too. Christmas in NYC - would love to do that one day!

  2. Loved the photos. We were there for 3 days at the end of November and must have hit the last of the good weather.
    (stumbling in here from Holidailies)

  3. Love the pics. It looks so cold but the lights are so pretty.

  4. I've always wanted to go to NYC when it's decorated for the holidays. Your pictures make me want to go all the more!

  5. Oooh, looks like you made it to Dylan's, too!!! Just walking through that place gives you cavities.. isn't it wonderful!?!?

  6. There's nothing quite like NYC at Christmas,wonderful pictures. I am glad you had a "cool" trip no pun intended, lol. It is always nice to go away and nice to be back in the warmth of your own home.

  7. Oh, Lee, I'm shivering just looking at your pictures! But, you all have the biggest smiles on your faces so you must have had a wonderful time...

    Love seeing the city all dressed up for Christmas :)

  8. Oh the memories! Oh the desire to be back! We were there last Christmas and I LOVED IT! Great photos btw :o)

  9. Oh lucky! My husband and dd are going this weekend. DD made it through a grueling first marching season with very good grades so she earned this as a reward and is so looking forward to it. I hope they have nicer weather though.

  10. Looks like fun, even in the cold.

    P.S. I think you meant Lincoln Center, not Kennedy Center, right?

  11. These are awesome photos and you can tell how cold it was. Poor Colleen has a red nose.

  12. Your post brings back memories of the coldest week I ever spent. I was in NYC between Christmas and New Year's, walking all over the place. I thought for sure I'd freeze my ass off. It was worth it, but damn, it was cold.

  13. Great photos! I hope that they were worth the cold to you. I can't believe that you braved NYC around the holidays. I think maybe my hubby and I should try that some year, too.