Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Birthday Quickie

No...Not that type of quickie.  Get your minds out of the gutter.  It's not even my birthday.

If everything works out as it should, we'll be going to Colleen's track meet this weekend.  Afterward we'll take her and her friend, Kelsie, out for dinner.  Kel has been a friend of my daughter's since she was in elementary school.  They remained close all through junior high and high school, and then when Kel went to Wooster and was so happy there, Colleen decided to put it on her list of schools to check out.  So now, here they are, in the same college and running together on the track team.'s Kelsie's birthday on Saturday so I've stitched yet another gift card holder. I've finished the front and now I'm waiting for the glue to dry on the cardboard pieces.  It's an older LK freebie.

We're having another snow day.  This means that the local kids have missed school since 8 school days since Feb. 5.  Yes...they've been home since Feb. 5.  I feel badly for the seniors.  This must be terrible for them.

And that's all I'll say about snow.  Oh - except that some snow must've blown off the DTV dish, because now from time to time I'm getting our local channels!  None of the others, but at least I'm (usually) able to see NBC (Yay!  Olympics!), CBS, ABC and pur local PBS.  I'm more calm already.


  1. Oh you make me laugh! So the cave-woman is receding a little bit since you can now get some TV chanelling going on? ;-)

  2. Happy day to Kelsie. I love the things you stitch for her.

    Whew! Thank goodness for NBC's appearance.

  3. Your birthday? I thought it was your husbands! ;)

  4. Girls had daycare for the first time since the 5th today. So excited. Kids here have missed 8 full days (plus some half days, but those don't need to be made up, I guess), including the couple just before Christmas. It's going to be seeing where they make up the extra days, since they only allot 3-4 snow days here.

    Glad you have TV again.

  5. It's finally snowing nonstop all day here Lee! I love what you have stitched for Colleen's friend Kelsie. Will love to see it put together. What a great idea for gift cards. Glad you got some tv back. Have fun at the bday celebration/track meet.

  6. Sweet little design! It is so special to have a lifelong friend like that - lucky Colleen!

  7. Glad you are able to get your TV back again. Lovely stitching

  8. Very cute!!!!

    My sister was kind enough to point out last week that I always pick out HUGE projects that take FOREVER to complete.

    Maybe I should look for some little things so I can feel a little more accomplished. LOL