Friday, February 12, 2010

Nothing much

There's nothing much new to tell you about around here.  We're in that part of Western PA where it just keeps snowing.  The clouds get hung up on the mountains and they just refuse to go anywhere.  So while other places are getting a bit of sunshine, we have days of endless gray and 3 inches of additional snow accumulation everyday. 

Just enough to piss me off.

So I'm browsing through pictures to remind me that it really will get sunny and hot and green again.

Working today.  Should be headed to a track meet tomorrow.  A bit of stitching here and there. too.


  1. It's good to remember - there is hope! Spring will come again, even Summer! ;-)

    Have a good weekend, Lee!

  2. Have a happy Valentine's day Lee ! Hope you have a great weekend!spring is coming .

  3. Hope you see sunshine soon,,just to let you know we down in florida are not seeing sunshine either it is raining here with no breaks at all..and I live in the sunshine state..go figure...

  4. You know, if you really think about it, in about a month things hopefully will turn the corner and start to warm up. That's my hope anyway. This winter has been misery!

  5. Come to Aust where the weather is just beautiful at the moment. DH & I are just about to head of for a walk along the beach.

  6. Hi Lee,
    My Momma's from PA, Blacklick, do you know where that's from? My niece and her hubby live up there, well, hell, all my family on my Momma's side! We finally got snow! Thanks for support. It's been really tough lately, and I smile more to hide the hurt.
    Hope the track meet went well!

  7. Use the snow and cold as an excuse to hunker down and stitch. ;) Stay warm!

  8. The same here, Lee. I'm tired of it. And it's still snowing. Tomorrow I'll haver to go and buy some flowers in order to make sure that they really exist, lol.