Friday, February 05, 2010

So It Begins

The heavy, wet white stuff that kept me from my retreat.  In addition to this, we expect about two feet of snow tonight.

But not to worry. I'm going to make Dave provide a little retreat for me, since he'll be home with me most of the weekend.  Here are his hosting duties:
  1. Provide some nice bottles of wine.
  2.  Light a cozy fire.
  3.  Fill all nearby bowls with chocolate and pretzels.
  4.  Create a tasty buffet from leftovers in the fridge.  (as long as they're not green and fuzzy)
  5.  Walk by my stitching chair and pause to compliment my stitching regularly, being sure to ask pertinent questions and acting like he really cares about the answers.
  6.  Laugh at all of my menopause jokes.
  7. Act like he's never heard any of my stories about my kids and my life. 
 Sadly, none of this may  happen if our power doesn't stop flickering off.  So I had better post this mighty darn fast.

Oh...Linda in PA?  Yup, it was the French Knot retreat.  Drop me a line! (my email is in my profile) I'm always happy to meet other 'Burgh area stitchers!


    1. ohh... lots of snow coming your way.
      Stay safe.

    2. Hi Lee, Wow you are all snowed in to stitch on 'Lo' Looking forward to seeing your stitching progress. I think I will have wine too !catch up with you Monday!

    3. Good grief - you are definitely getting some snow! Hope you enjoy stitching!

    4. Has it been totally cancelled or will they hold it another time? I hope your power stays on!

    5. Your plan sounds wonderful - I hope Dave cooperates! Most of all, I hope you don't lose power. Be safe, be warm and drink lots of wine. Yum!

    6. Sorry about your retreat but good luck with your "alternate" plan!Hope you stay warm and continue to have power.

    7. We had a smorgasbord of leftovers last night too. But then I realized that if we lost power, I couldn't make that lasagna I've got planned for tonight and cold leftovers would have been the sensible thing. Here's hoping our power stays on! At 6 when the dog wanted out, it was up to my knees in the yard. My pjs got a little (!) wet. I'm pretty sure it's almost ass-deep.

    8. If you get that proto-type of the stitchers perfect DH, could you send it to me for an exchange project? I could do an ornament or something,,, lol. Love the snowy pictures,enjoy your comfy stitching chair.
      Be always in stitches.

    9. I am SO ready for spring. This has been a really crappy winter!

    10. Sounds like a good plan! I'll be heading out shortly to see if I can find the driveway!

    11. Damn! I hate when that happens! I'm crossing my fingers that your power stays on, because that's just not fun. Good luck and enjoy the snow.