Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Takealong Stitching

This has been my takealong project when we've gone on various car trips over the past couple months. It's a freebie called Sew Red (from the very generous Carol R.)  Since I started this in December, Sew Red has come along with me to New York City, Falls Church VA, Philadelphia, and Sanibel Island, FL.

The only thing that makes me a little nervous is that the thread is one of those overdyeds from Needle Necessities and it's so very not colorfast.  So why did I take it to the beach?  Because I'm a fool.  And I like to live dangerously. 

By the way, those little scissors?  Totally ok for air travel.  Light as a feather, small, and pretty sharp (If all you need to cut is thread.  Don't even think of using them for hardanger)  They come in three adorable colors and for only $5.95.  Much better than the cuticle scissors I was using for travel.  I think I got those two years ago at The Silver Needle.

I hope to spend some quality time with Lo this weekend....which I'm beginning to think stands for LOnely.


  1. Love your travelling stitching. I usually take some with me too on trips but the good novel usually wins out.

  2. Love the work on Sew Red - you've chosen a really nice shade to work with, even if it isn't colourfast ;o)

  3. Sew Red is looking great, you risk-taker, you.

  4. Sew Red looks good.
    Cute scissors.

  5. Thankfully it looks like your project survived a trip to the beach and all the salt air. It looks wonderful!

  6. Looks lovely - and it doesn't look any the worse for wear for it trip to the beach.

  7. That looks like a great piece to take when traveling, Lee. What color thread are you using--love it!

  8. Bravo! Love red stitching!