Monday, February 22, 2010


You guys are all too nice with your well wishes and commiseration and good advice.  And sometimes one of you doesn't even know it but you send me some inspiration to brighten my day. 

My thoughts tonight are lifted by this quote: 

"Surely as cometh the Winter, I know There are Spring violets under the snow.Robert H. Newell

And a little bird tells me that there's a cross stitch chart out there that says this, too.


  1. Thanks! That's a good thought to share right about now.

  2. Love that quote (and the chart)! It's amazing how a few simple words can make you feel better :^)

  3. You have been hit by winter so hard this year Lee. The quote says it all. I checked out the pattern and it is a lovely one. I hope your days brighten as the week goes by ..My stitching ended up in picking out today a big chunk!! oh well better days ahead.

  4. Hold's coming! I promise.

    I noticed Friday that it wasn't dark at 6pm. I was really happy to see that!

  5. I love that chart! The saying is very appropriate for the moment, too!

  6. Love it! Thank you for the reminder that spring will indeed come!

  7. I hope the drama has come to a solution and that you feel better.
    The quote is just what I need too, right now. Can't stand anymore snow. But you shouldn't have shown the chart, that beautiful chart. Now I have to add it to my wishlist, lol.