Monday, February 08, 2010

Weekend progress on Lo

In between shoveling and complaining and pouting this weekend,I finished two words (Flower and Bright), the vertical vine, and a couple motifs.

I gave in to the urges to take advantage of some of those crazy-good Super Bowl sales, too. I decided to go with Deb at Stitches "N Things.  She's always given me fast and great service in the past, AND there was this little "bet" thing that you could do.  In the comment section of the order form, you could write Colts or Saints and if your selected team won, you also received free shipping!

Well.  Although I wanted the Saints to win, I chose the Colts because they were favored to win.  I let my wallet overrule my heart.  And then what happened??  Guess who's paying for shipping this time?  That would be me.

Congrats anyway to the city of New Orleans and the Saints!  We know first hand how great a Super Bowl win can be, especially when you're the underdog.  Enjoy it, Saints fans!


  1. Your progress on Lo is great. I Have this in my to do pile, just waiting to get the floss together.

    Take care

  2. Lo looks just lovely!
    I finally got ahold of the book it is in! Sheesh! You would think it was made of gold! I had to wait a while until I could find one at a reasonable price.
    Now all I need is the time to stitch it!

  3. "Lo" looks more lovely with each posting, Lee! (how's that for alliteration?!)

    I love your snow photos, too!

  4. Lo is looking good! You guys had twice as much snow as we did. I hear we may have some more :(

    I didn't do my super bowl shopping. Bummer. Just too many things on the plate right now to figure out what I want to buy!

  5. Beautiful progress on Lo. This is in my stash of things to stitch and you're making it difficult to resist. What fabric are you using? It's beautiful!!!

    Sorry 'bout the shipping. I was pulling for the Saints but I might have written down the Colts, too! But, that doesn't mean I want to split your shipping charges! LOL!

  6. You're coming right along on's beautiful! Bummer about the free shipping :-(

  7. Beautiful stitching! I ordered from SNT and used the same logic to pick the Colts that you did. That's two of us that are paying for shipping. Darn it!

  8. Beautiful progress on Lo! Can't wait to see more!

  9. Lovely progress on LO. The project is coming along great.
    I hope you will share your new stash on your blog. As I don't buy a lot of new stash I warm my heart when looking at other stitchers' new stash, lol.

  10. You're making wonderful progress. It looks so delicate with those colors! I live close to Deb's shop and wish that I could have made it up there for Super Bowl, but I wasn't even thinking about sales and went on the Friday before and missed out on the sale. How bad was that?

  11. Absolutely beautiful! I love this pattern :o) Did you change the colors or go with the ones recommended?

    I managed to stay away from her sale although I did order a grab bag before that all started. I LOVE her grab bags :o)