Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Where we stayed

Oops.  Forgot to answer Casa Pearl about this.  We stayed at Mitchell's Sandcastles on Sanibel Island.  A steal at twice the price. 

I loved the environment of Sanibel for our little four day stay.  It was very sedate and calm and restful - just the thing I needed after that LONG winter break with the kids at home and then the push to get all of the end of the year payroll stuff finished. 

Sometimes I like quiet and sedate.  Other times I like to be somewhere with constant action, like Las Vegas.  I'm lucky that my husband likes both of those types of vacations, too.


  1. Your trip to Sanabelle sounds wonderful. I am so tired of the gray days of winter. I guess it is time to start planning my next vacation. I am at my family's home in Bonita Springs five or six times a year so I am very familar with the area and the blue sky.

  2. Thanks so much for the link! I have it book marked in hopes of a fallish vacation this year.

  3. Because you mentioned Sanibel, I came across your blog. Interesting reading. I live at Sanibel and had been told that since Mitchell's recently changed owners, it is much improved. The units were remodeled, and are very nice again.

    It's good to hear you enjoyed your stay. :)