Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Awesome April

Good morning, gang! 

My husband was really amused that you all liked my wonderful new glasses so much.  It’s so funny – the things that make us happy can be so simple.  But here’s the real puzzle – why didn’t I come up with that idea first? 

OK, back to what’s happening in my life recently.  Or at least what’s bloggable.  (New word:  bloggable)

I got to see Barb again late in March, when I went to watch Colleen run in C.O.W.’s invitational track meet.  We had about an hour to meet for coffee and a quick lunch, which was way too short but better than nothing.  Barb is a lovely person and she’s so gracious when I pop into her town and bug her about getting together.  She always makes time for me and boy-oh-boy can we talk!  I sure hope there’s another stitching retreat in our future.

Let’s see, later there was Easter, which would have been a complete bust if my son hadn’t come home and made us laugh and smile.  And while everything was great in my little immediate family, there were some extended family issues that I don’t want to go into here, but they make the holidays rather painful.  Not “ouch” painful like twisting an ankle, but more “dammit” painful, like a paper cut that smarts at first but then bugs you for days afterward.  But I’ll bet that many of you have been in the same boat at one time or another, so you feel and understand my pain.  Ahhh.  Family.

More tomorrow and I’ll tell you about my recent trip to Philly.


  1. Lee, I've been reading your last few posts, and I'm right there with you! There's been too much going on here and I've completely lost the desire to sit at the computer. If we lived closer together, I'd beg you to come over and stand over me with a stick.

    The trouble with family members who assist in "painful" holidays is that eventually you start to dread the next holiday. Not so fun.

    By the way, it is a little entertaining to make our offspring feel guilty! I've noticed that.

  2. I hope that whatever it is, you're able to get to the place where everything is less painful. I'm glad your son was able to cheer you up on Easter.

  3. Enjoyed reading this post and last! Its good to hear from you. You'll soon have something big to share! How about some pics from your area. Your yard?