Friday, April 16, 2010

If you want to know my thoughts on backstitching

You are all so nice about Spring Violets.  Once I wrap my head around it, I’m going to rip out all of the snow stitches so that when I’m in Kansas I can start fresh with some new threads.  I also might consider backstitching the top of the snow, although I’d rather not because a) Backstitching sucks, and b) It doesn’t really fit with the character of the design. 

Oh – my life is so complicated, isn’t it?

This weekend I’ll re-start my “LO” stitchalong with Jennifer and I’m looking forward to that.  Also, DS will be home for the weekend again.  This time it’s to drop off his car for a thorough repair and going-over because in mid May he’s headed to California for the summer again.  Do you remember a few posts ago I mentioned that he had interviewed for an internship in the Chesapeake Bay?  Well, that didn’t work out, but he was offered another internship working in San Francisco Bay.  So on May 12 he’s packing the car and going to Tiburon, California for 12 weeks.  Once again, he won’t be coming home with much money – spending well over half of it on housing ($$) and probably spending what’s left on food and gas.  But it’s a good opportunity and will beef up his resume once he graduates……next year. 

Yeah.  Knock me over with a feather.


  1. Oh your son will enjoy the SF Bay Area. Marin County is a nice place to be especially if you're into hiking, running and biking which I think your son enjoys, right? Housing is definitely $$ here. Can't wait to see more 'Lo!

  2. backstitching sooooo sucks.....

  3. Bummer that the Bay didn't work out -but at least he'll get some experience!

    Yep, I agree, can't see backsitching on that piece!

  4. Good luck and safe travels to your DS and good luck with your piece. I actually don't mind back stitching as long as there's not tons and tons of it.