Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I’m not surprised

Often I’ll joke about my backward county in Pennsylvania, but I try to keep it light because hey…nobody’s perfect.  I’ve participated in and done stupid things over the years myself.  Also, it’s not nice to rip on your fellow citizens all the time.  But lately, my newspaper has reported on some of the most stupid, most annoying and most downright ridiculous things that people have done, and it all gets to be too much. 

In the category of Crazy-Mean, it looks like the T-ball coach who offered to pay his player to hit an autistic teammate with a ball so he wouldn't play anymore is back in the news.  I believe this story made national news in 2006, and you’d think the guy would lay low.  But no….This is Fayette County.

In the category of just Crazy-Lazy, another story that was big in our regional news was about a pot stash found in a student's Elmo bag.  See folks, if you’re going to put your pot stash in your kindergarteners book bag, then maybe you should get your lazy butt up out of bed in the morning and see that your kid gets off to school properly.  Then you can go through his little red Elmo book bag and retrieve your stash before he gets onto the school bus.

And finally, under just plain Crazy, yet another “youth sports official” who was charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and harassment was ordered to perform community service.  So where was he assigned?  To the local YMCA, of course!  Leading the Uniontown YMCA leaders to protest his ARD assignment.  Wouldn’t want any genitals “sliding” around in there, wouldn’t you say? 

I’ve shaken my head so much that it feels like it could fall off.


  1. How's the advice working? Is it getting easier to blog? I myself find it delightful to hear from you more often.

    I think the pot-daddy is more that just lazy. Why call the school? Why not just take the kid out of class for a "doctors appointment?" Duh.

  2. ROFL - too bad it's sad, too. Everyone needs to shake their head on this one. But your and your mom's stitching looks great!