Thursday, April 15, 2010

Progress. Kind of.

I haven’t been the most dedicated stitcher in the world this month, but I’ve managed a length of floss here and there.  So I’ll show you Spring Violets, even though it doesn’t look all that much different than the last time you saw it.  I’m having some color issues with this.  I know that right now it looks a little too monochromatic, but once I get the border stitched, (gold and green) I think it’ll be fine.  What I’m having a problem with is the snow.  What snow, you ask?  It’s the muddy-ish looking color that’s below the top flowers and above the green.  I’ve tried some GAST Oatmeal, and it looked ok until I got to the white part of the thread.  The white color just disappeared when it was stitched onto the Lavender Bliss Lugana.  I used it in the right side of the snow and you can see that it disappeared at the far right.

On the left I used DMC 3033.  It looks ok, but not great.

Oh – and the colors in the original design are completely different than my colors because the fabric I chose is so completely different.  (You can see the original version here.)  And the conversions from Needlepoint Silks to DMC?  Way off anyway, no matter which fabric you use.  So I’m completely on my own out here. 

000000 003

That’s the thing about changing color schemes in a design.  You pull out your fabric, lay on all of the threads that you’ve chosen and it all looks good but then when the actual stitching is happening your reaction can range from thrilled to satisfied to ewwwww….wrong, wrong, wrong.

But don’t feel too sorry for me, because (lucky me) in two weeks I’m going to Topeka, Kansas to visit Julie, who, besides being a wonderful  friend, has offered to be my host, tour guide and chauffer for the Heartland Cross Stitch Shop Hop! (She’s so kind – it’s a wonder she didn’t offer to pilot the plane, too.) So I’m almost certain that I’ll find a thread that will work perfectly at one of those wonderful shops and I know that Julie will completely understand if I must stop whatever I’m doing and stitch me up some snow.  Just to be sure.  Because she’s a fellow stitcher and she gets it. 

What on earth would we do without our stitchy friends?


  1. I think your violets are pretty but I do see what you mean about the snow.

    Hope you have a fun trip visiting your friend :-).

  2. I think it looks just great the way it is! But then, I'm partial to purple LOL Very pretty!

  3. I really like the purple. If you hadn't have told us I'm sure no one would have known those weren't the original colours.

  4. Good luck on your snow quest! I wish I could go too. I think the violets are so pretty... also partial to purple.

  5. Can I come? I've never been to Kansas, bet it's pretty there this time of year. My jealousy is almost palpable! I have no thoughts about the snow thread, I'm too busy trying to find that darn yellow brick road so I can go to Kansas....

  6. Wow you are a lucky gal! Sounds like a great trip! Love your new stitching . That purple is beautiful and so springy!Have a fun trip and take lots of pics to show us all.

  7. As people always tell me when my hands are bothering me and I am unable to stitch, progress is progress no matter how much of it there is!! It is looking beautiful!

  8. I feel your pain on the color change issue. It gives you a whole new respect for designers.

    And frankly, I would be nowhere without my stitchy friends. :)

  9. Love the purple violets, Lee!! Would a light gray show any better and look more like snow? I don't know...just a thought.

    Your Kansas trip will be a treat--don't forget to pack an empty suitcase to bring back all of the new stash!!

  10. Oh my gosh, I wouldn't even have known that was the same pattern! I love your version MUCH better. I hope you find something that will work for you. Don't give up :o)

    Have fun in Kansas!

  11. I love your color selection much more as well. I'm not sure I'd be able to change out much in the way of colors myself.

  12. I must admit that I love both versions very much - yours as well as the original. They just look like two different patterns. It's often amazing what a colour change can make out of a pattern.
    But the best is that since a couple of days the violets on our lawn are in full bloom despite the cold weather. I love the stitched ones and the real ones, lol.

  13. Oh yes, I told Sue just today to bring some stitching to work on as we'll not be rushing at any of the shops. This will be yours and Judys first hop, so Sue and I will come prepared to let you browse as long as you both like. We have no schedule to commit to.
    I'm having the same issue with 3033. Its called for in the Berry and Birds Sampler, but the pattern shows it as white. 3033 isn't white. I've already changed the red and pink in the design, guess I'll change the white too. I can see the end of this piece - Amen! A finish! I can't recall what my last finish was. Oh yes, the bunny, but he was too small to really count.