Monday, April 12, 2010

Where Oh Where

Has my blogging motivation gone?  Two posts ago, I was thrilled to pieces (not out loud...just in my head) that I had crossed the 700 post line but then WHAM!  It's as if I can't put words together to form sentences.  And the longer I go without posting, the more difficult it becomes. 

I remember that a while back I read something on a blog (probably Anna's?) that if you want to write, write everyday.  Just write.  Don't worry about it.  So that's my goal for now.  Just write.  Sadly for you, that means that you'll be reading lots of meaningless stuff.   And now I'll stop explaining and just get on with it.

April has been a positively lovely month so far and there are still plenty of things to look forward to before it’s over.  Oh!  But let’s go back to the end of March and my birthday!  I had a wonderful birthday that involved dinner with friends at one of our favorite restaurants, and two great gifts from Dave. 

First was a Roku box for our bedroom TV.  We have one downstairs, but when the kids are home or during golf tournaments I’ll often sneak upstairs to watch a DVD.  (my bedroom TV isn’t hooked up to our Direct TV).  So it’s nice to have some other options, too.  Not to mention that it plays my Pandora stations and several other radio shows that I love!

And the second wonderful gift?  Magnifying eyeglasses with LIGHTS!  Kind of like these Illumineyes, but more stylish looking:

They are faaaabulouuuuuuus!  You can keep your sexy lingerie and sparkly jewelry….give me light up eyeglasses any day!  I can turn off all of the bedroom lights and read in bed without bothering anyone else.  Of course, our goofy friends had to make bawdy jokes about why I would need light up magnifiers in bed, anyway.  But really…he set himself up for it.

Then there were the gifts from my children, which were less - - - tangible.  Because they forgot.  I know they’re busy, so at around 10PM I sent them each a text message:

It’s still my birthday.”

And then my phone started ringing.  I love making them feel guilty.  I know.  I’m a bad, bad mother.

OK – time to work.  More April Antics tomorrow.


  1. LOL at the text message to your kids, wonder how they would react if we forgot their birthday eh?

    I could do with getting a pair of those glass for my DH to read in bed, then he wouldn't keep me awake with the light on at all hours!

  2. Those glasses are a hoot! Where did he get them?

    I feel bad...didn't know your birthday was coming up! I'm a mess with birthdays anyway. Even with my kids. All of a sudden it's their birthday and I don't have anything planned.

    Know what you mean about blogging or lack thereof!

  3. Those glasses seem like they would work for stitchers too. So blog post not meaningless.

    And if it were I who suggested writing every day, I would have made it two words. ;)

  4. ha! when the kids get older, guilt is our only remaining weapon! lol.

    Belated Happy Birthday, Lee! Interesting glasses! I've never seen them before but it sounds like the perfect gift!

  5. Go ahead.... write everyday, we'll still stop by and read.
    Happy belated birthday and good job with the guilt. Who needs studies to know that bribes and guilt work with kids?

  6. Darn! I didn't know it was your birthday in March, Lee! What day is (was)it? I love how you let the kids know that they had forgotten. I think when our kids are in college, they are just in a little bubble world and rarely think of us at home!

    Oh, I have to get some of those glasses for myself...bring them next week at our get together, okay?

  7. Happy Belated Birthday!

    My husband usually reminds my kids of special events. They're old enough to remember on their own and have no excuse.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! I am still laughing about why you'd need those glasses in bed!

    And I so love your tactics with your children - so up my alley!