Saturday, May 22, 2010


I lead such a fascinating life.  Last night it was just me and Instant Netflix, so I settled in and watched TLC documentaries about Gunfighters.  It seemed appropriate after our drive through the West, where it totally would have made my trip if I had seen a horseback riding cowboy come out from behind rocks in a landscape like this.  

colleens 038So anyway, last night I learned about Wild Bill Hickok, The James Gang, and John Wesley Hardin.  And I discovered that between my trip with the kids and my trip to Topeka, I had actually been to many of the towns where these guys had had gunfights and gambled and robbed banks.  And now those dangerous towns have some of my favorite cross stitch shops in them.  I could’ve been looking at hand-dyed threads in a spot where Wild Bill Hickok had been playing poker.  You have to love that thought.

But the big news is, last night I put the last stitches into this!  And it’s even still technically Spring.

Spring Violets 006

I decided to go with DMC 3033 for the snow after all. I wanted something whiter, but the whites just faded away into the lavender.  I think it worked well enough.

Spring Violets 005

Right now I’m going to work at making this house is presentable again, then I’m going to plop down with LoHaR later today.  Although I love Lo, it’s not easy to ignore all of the new stuff that’s calling my name.  Loudly. 

Enjoy your Saturday, everybody!


  1. Simply beautiful, Lee! I just love the colors in Spring Violets and I think the DMC 3033 worked very nicely. I'm working on my violet piece this weekend, too :)

  2. What a sweet finish! Love the design and colors. I think your snow is right on!

  3. A really beautiful finish, Lee! Congratulations!

  4. Very beautiful!! I also watch instant netflix while I'm stitching!

  5. What a lovely finish! Congrats~

  6. I like to think you're the Wild Bill of our day. ;)

    Lovely finish!

  7. Wow! It woulda been so cool if you'd seen the documentary BEFORE the trip, but still learning that stuff and saying "Hey! I've been there!" is still just as cool! i love the finish! it's gorgeous!

  8. Love the color of the snow you chose!! It looks pretty finished !!!

  9. What a lovely finish, Lee.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  10. Yay! A happy dance. It's a lovely piece.