Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Heartland Shop Hop!

First of all, I’ll warn you – I didn’t take one single picture the whole time that I was in Topeka.  I know.  How dumb was that?  All I can tell you is that I always get caught up in talking and shopping and scenery and then I completely forget that I even own a camera.  Ah well.  No regrets.  I’ll just keep it all up here.  (I’m pointing to my head right now)

Secondly, I was so lucky to have the most amazing hostess in Kansas as my personal chauffeur and tour guide.  Julie shared her home, her friends, her stitching and her travels with me and that was what drew me to Kansas and that’s what would make me go back.  Make no mistake, the shopping was great.  Like out of this world great.  But I would travel all of those miles and many more to spend two full days with such very cool women (or the occasional man) who share my passion for needlework and all things stitch-related.

So – just to give you an idea of how many miles we covered, I’ll show you a Google Map.  We started early Thursday morning in Topeka (F) and made a giant loop that took us to:

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Stitch On In Lawrence KS (B), Two the Point in Overland Park, Kansas ©, CC and Company in Blue Springs MO (D), Old Mill Stitchery in Liberty MO (E - no website!), and then back to Topeka to The Sunflower Seed(F).

Friday was another fairly early start day, because we piled back into the car again, purchases in hand, and drove to Abilene, Kansas to visit Picture This Plus (G), where we found the most amazing fabrics for our brand new charts and projects.  It’s the most wonderful place.  Fabulous shop models featuring their fabrics.  Excellent selection of fabrics and threads.  Staff and owners who were super helpful and as excited about our projects as we were.  And upstairs there was a used book store and a coffee/sandwich shop.  I’m not joking.  I could totally move in there for a week.  Or more.  And I’d be cash-poor, but insanely stash-rich.

And all things considered, I was pretty well-behaved about sticking to my shopping list.  I wasn’t an Ironman about it though, and what fun is it if you don’t spot a few impulse purchases along the way?  And who could resist plunging into those fabrics at Picture this Plus?  (Picture stolen from Julie’s blog.  Because, like I said, I was camera-less)  Judy and I came up for air long enough so that Julie could snap this picture. 

Then Saturday was a little slower paced in the morning – just a trip to the Post Office to mail some of the things that wouldn’t fit in my carry on and some great hand soap that the TSA would have confiscated for its obvious bomb-making properties.  And then it was back to the airport and home.

So – what the heck did I buy?  Only enough stuff to keep me busy forever.

First up – fabric and threads that I bought just because.  Just because I liked them and wanted to play around a bit.  Some 18 ct. cork linen, some WDW linen, some linen with a design in it, some silks and some Carrie’s Creations cotton thread.topeka 002

Next, some charts and fabric for those  designs.  You can see how much I loved designs from The Sunflower Seed.  And that’s 11 ct. fabric for the Santa.  And PTP fabric for TSS Welcome and La D Da’s Fear Not.

topeka 003

And finally, things that I went whole hog on.  Chart, fabric, and threads.  All the fabrics are from Picture This Plus.  And you’ll see lots of GAST’s for Tis a Gift and Jenny Bean’s Gingerbread sampler.  Silks for La D Da’s Live, Love, Laugh, and a new to me cotton embroidery floss form a company called Sullivan’s for the Silver Creek Sampler piece.

topeka 004

So what do you think?  Maybe I wasn’t as well-behaved as I thought I was, huh?  I ended up buying two La D Da charts not on my list.  One of the shops had so many gorgeous LaDDa models and I truly could have bought them all, but I was the picture of restraint.  And the Sunflower Seed charts were totally off my radar, but she’s a Topeka designer and I’ll always think of Topeka (especially when I stitch the Topeka chart…) and of Kansas when I stitch all of those sunflowers.

I’m not even showing you the stash that I brought home because it was free.  Or pretty darn close to free.  And some other odds and ends, like some little buttons so that I can totally finish Family Medley.  A needle minder or two.  A cool wooden thread palette.

And now I’m going to get busy and finish something so I can start something new.  Oh, and I’ll answer my own SBQ later, too.  I’ve been waffling back and forth about my answer, but I think I’ve settled on it.  So I’ll be back soon.


  1. What a lot of new stash! The miles you travelled justify all of it though... :o)

  2. Oooo, stash heaven, Lee! That was totally worth being naughty!

  3. Sounds like a great the stash haul!

  4. Is there anything left out in the Kansas shops, Lee? Looks like you and Julie had a grand time--love all of your goodies :)

  5. Wow what a great trip! Love all your new stash!

  6. I'm jealous! And the Sunflower Seed charts look just great! Hopefully they will branch out to other areas soon.

  7. Lee, it sounds as though you had a ball! I love the glazed look on your faces when you were drooling over all that fabric! How wonderful to share all that with stitching friends. I think Kansas has more shops than Virginia!

  8. I'm jealous, jealous, jealous. What a trip. What a haul of stash. What great people you met.

    Please show us all the free stuff and accessories too!

  9. And we missed hitting Heart's Desire down in Wichita. If only you had stayed another day!
    You're too king. Loved reading your take on the weekend.

  10. And we missed hitting Heart's Desire down in Wichita. If only you had stayed another day!
    You're too king. Loved reading your take on the weekend.

  11. Sounds like you had too much fun, which had to be just what you wanted! Good job.

  12. Oh, niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Good for you!! I would LOVE to go to the PTP store. I love their fabrics.

  13. Oh, oh, oh, such wonderful, terrific, gorgeous dreamlike new stash! And all the new charts with the fabric to stitch them on. That must be paradise .... or not? Lol.